Website Maintenance – Can I do It or Should I Pay Someone?


Summary of “Website Maintenance – Can I do It or Should I Pay Someone?”

Once your site has been designed and gone live, it is not the end of the story. Now you will need someone to maintain it.  Visitors will be coming to back to check for new information, which means you need someone to be continually updating your site.  Also, software frequently needs to be updated for security.  So, a common question about website maintenance is “Can I do it or should I pay someone?”. Good question! To find out the answer, check out this great video by Mark Steinbrueck with OurChurch.Com!

Why do it yourself?
Maintaining the website yourself will take time, but it will save you money.  You can also update your site immediately, as opposed to waiting on your developer to do it.  In some cases it can take up to a week for developers to make the change you are requesting!

Why hire someone?
If you, or someone in your organization, does not have the time or the desire to update it, you may want to think about hiring someone to maintain your site.  However, at OurChurch.Com, we recommend that you start by updating it yourself and see how it goes.

Other issues to consider

  1. Is the platform desktop or web based?  Desktop platforms are very limiting because they require the software to be on the computer in order to make changes.  In that case, whoever designed the site may be the only one who can do the website maintenance.  Web-based platforms are recommended because all you need to make changes is access to the internet.
  1. Will they provide training so you know how to update your site?  If they do provide training, what type of training is it (personal, videos, web pages, etc.)?
  1. How easy will it be to update the site?
  1. Will the web design company provide support, and if so, what type of support?  Is it only via email or can you call and talk to someone?

Answering these questions will help give your organization a better idea if you can maintain your site by yourself, or if you should consider contracting it out.  For more information about this or for information about building a website, please fill out the form below and request a free, no-obligation consultation, today.

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