How Much Does Web Design Cost?

Summary of “How Much Does Web Design Cost?”

When thinking about a website, the most common question people ask is, “How much does a web design cost?” In this video, Mark Steinbrueck from OurChurch.Com lists eight things that determine how much web design will cost.

8 Factors that Determine the Cost of Website Design:

  1. Consultative vs Cookie-Cutter Process – Are you able to actually speak with the designer or are you limited to communicating only through email or a forum?  Is the designer telling what they will do or are you able to have a conversation about the mission and purpose of the website so the designer is able to recommend the best options for that purpose.  A consultative approach is more involved and usually costs more.
  2. Content Mapping – This is the process of listing or mapping all the pages that you will have on your website.  The more pages you have on your site, the more the cost of this process, but the more important it is.  Some companies don’t even do this, which makes the process faster, but leads to a more confusing website and may leave out pages the customer didn’t initially think of.
  3. Design – Are you using a pre-designed template or having the designer create a brand new design. It will cost less if you use a pre-made template than if you want one that has to be made from scratch.
  4. Functionality – The more simple a site is/looks, the cheaper it will be. The more bells and whistles you want on the site, the more the price will go up.
  5. Content Input – Will you be adding text and other content to the pages or will the designer be doing that for you?  The more time a developer has to spend putting content on the website, the more the developer is going to charge you.
  6. Training – Will you need one-on-one training sessions with the web designer so you can learn how to make updates or do you feel comfortably training yourself using help pages or instructional videos?  Does the designer even have help pages and instructional videos to offer?  The more training with the designer that you need, the more it will cost.
  7. Support – Does the developer offer support?  If so, what kind of support do they offer (email, help desk, phone, chat)?  Typically live support via chat or phone costs more than email or help desk support.
  8. Hosting, Email, Domain Name – Are these services going to be included in the total design price or are they being charged separately?  Some web designers do not include these costs in their quotes which makes their price look more competitive; however, you end up paying more in the end.

When you are preparing to have a website designed for you and are figuring out your budget, consider these eight factors.  You may be able to save yourself some time if your budget is a little larger.  If you’re budget is tighter, you can make certain choices, as mentioned above, to cut costs.

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