How Long Does Web Design and Development Take?


Summary of “How Long Does Web Design and Development Take?”

One of the most popular questions Mark Steinbrueck, of OurChurch.Com, hears is “How soon can my website be done?”  Which makes sense, because once you’ve decided to create a website for your organization, you want to launch it as soon as possible.  In this helpful video, Mark shares some inside tips on how long it takes for web design and development.

4 Factors That Determine How Long Web Design and Development Take:

1. Is it a custom or pre-existing design?
Custom web designs are going to take longer to build compared to a site that uses a pre-existing design.  The benefit to a custom site is that you can have more flexibility in what your site can offer.  A custom site is also going to be unique to your organization.

2. How many revisions are provided?
Each revision is going to add about a week to the total time of your project.  Usually two or three revisions can be expected.  You want to make sure you are happy with your site before it goes live!

3 Who is entering the content?
If you are able to enter the content, you may be able to save some time.  Also the number of pages needed for your site will affect the time.

4. What is the developer and client response time?
At OurChurch.Com, our goal is to respond to a request in one business day.  Usually our turnaround is faster than that, and we can respond in a few hours!  The client response time also affects the total time of the project.  We understand that in many cases, the website development of your organization isn’t your main priority, so we understand if it takes you a day or two to get back to us.  We will work with you to get your site completed as fast as possible!

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