6 Questions to ask a Web Designer


Summary of “6 Questions to ask a Web Designer”

Does your organization need to create a website or improve one you already have?  You may need to hire a web designer.  If so, do not miss this video by Mark Steinbrueck from OurChurch.Com.  This video will give you six key questions to ask a web designer before you hire them so you know you are getting the web designer you need!

6 Questions to Ask a Web Designer:

1. Why are they in business?

You want your web designer to share your values.  At OurChurch.Com, we a company of Christ followers who are committed to helping Christians achieve their goals online.

2. Are they an individual or a company?

There are some benefits to choosing a company to design your site.  A company can provide multiple resources to ensure that your project does not get put on hold.

3. What type of platform and is it transferrable?

Websites can be either built on a desktop computer or be web-based.  Desktop means that the software that allows you to make changes to your site must be installed on your computer.  It also means that to make changes, you must be on that exact computer.  This can be difficult if you have more than one person allowed to make changes to your site.

Web-based platforms are preferable, because they allow you to make changes from any device that has access to the web.  Web based platforms can be proprietary, which means that the web hosting company you choose is the only company that can host your site because they are the only ones with that web building software.  If you would want to change your web host, you would not be able to take your website with you.  A web based platform that is non-proprietary is the best option.  This allows you to make changes via the web and also allows you to move your site to a new host, should you ever need to.

4. What else have they developed?

Checking out other sites they have designed will help give you an idea of their work.  This might be some of their best jobs and, if you don’t seem to like anything they have designed, it may be a red flag to look for another web designer.

5. What support do they offer?

If you have questions or issues with your site you want to be aware of how they will provide support and when (what hours) they can be reached.

6. Can I see references, please?

Ask for references.  The references will likely be their most satisfied customers.  However, by talking with references you may get some inside information that will help you make your decision on which web designer to hire.

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