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You’re Website Will Not Thrive Without These!

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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goldClockMy family has been in the same house for the past 12+ years.  For the last 3 years, we have been talking about replacing the original carpet that has been worn down by the life of a busy family with 3 kids.  During this time, there were two occasions that my wife and I talked about replacing the carpet, looked at flooring samples, and then eventually let other things in life take priority resulting in looking at the same old carpet for another year.

However, this year was different.  We set a deadline that we would replace the old carpet by the end of the year.  As a result, we started the process early, created a plan, made the decision on the flooring and installer, even took time off of work, and by the middle of the year had replaced the old carpet with new flooring.

What was the difference between when we only thought about replacing the carpet and when we actually did?  We set a deadline!

Over the summer, I have been speaking with a few different clients that were polar opposites of each other.  A couple of the clients were motivated to get their website launched or revised, while a couple other clients have their projects in the spinning black hole of progress (or lack thereof).

What has been the difference between these two types of clients?  Deadlines!

The clients who were motivated, had set goals to have their sites launched or revised by a certain date and presented that date to me so we were aware when they wanted things to be completed.  The clients who didn’t set deadlines have made little or no progress on their site and are no further in completing their projects now, then they were 2 months ago.

No matter if you are managing a website, have house projects that need to be addressed, or have a bucket list of activities you want to accomplish with your spouse or family, if you don’t set deadlines for when thing need to be done, they likely will not happen. 

With your website, start by setting major deadlines, then create a plan that gives details about how you will accomplish things by the deadlines.  To read more about creating a plan, read this past blog post.

Has your website been spinning in the black hole of progress?  Do you need to set deadlines so your website can thrive?  Please post your comments below!

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