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WP-EZ Website Builder – 5 Free Bonuses

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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There are some pretty sweet benefits that come with our WP-EZ Christian/Church Website Builder.

  • If you’re still using our old NE1 Website Builder, you’ll get these benefits when you migrate to WP-EZ.
  • If you used some other service or website builder, you’ll get these benefits if you build a church website or Christian website with WP-EZ.
  • If you’re already using WP-EZ, these are benefits you may have overlooked and can start utilizing now.

1) Free Redesign and 250+ Beautiful Mobile-Friendly Themes

February is Website Redesign Month at OurChurch.Com, so it’s fitting that when you migrate from NE1 to WP-EZ or build a new WP-EZ website, you are essentially getting a free redesign. If you’re already using WP-EZ, you can switch to any of the 250+ mobile-friendly themes any time you like, and – Bam! – again, free redesign.

2) Stunning Image Sliders

One feature WP-EZ has that NE1 does not is an image slider. Image sliders are great because they add motion to your website in a classy, professional way. They also give your visitors a chance to get to quickly and easily get to know you by showing them multiple pictures of your organization in action without the visitor needing to do any clicking.

3) 870,000 Amazing Stock Images

We strongly encourage organizations to include at least one image on every page of their website. While it’s usually preferable to make that a photo you take yourself, sometimes that’s not possible or in some cases like for a blog post, not necessary. For those situations, WP-EZ users can insert one of 870,000 amazing stock photos from Pixabay with just a few clicks.

4) Friendly, Helpful Christian Support

If you’re using the old NE1 website builder and have a problem, we’ll do our best to help but it’s no longer possible for us to change the web builder software to fix problems. When you migrate to WP-EZ, you get a fully-supported website builder. If you website is currently provided by some giant secular company and you need help, chances are you’ll be getting help from someone in a massive call center in India or some other country. When you go with WP-EZ, you’ll get help from our team of Christians based here in the U.S. And you can get support by phone, email, helpdesk or live chat.

5) Peace of Mind

We update the WP-EZ software multiple times every month so you never to remember to do updates and can be confident your website is always as secure as possible. Websites are backed up every night and backups kept for 30 days. Should anything ever happen to your website by hacking, user error or anything else, you have the peace of mind knowing that your site will be restored and the issue fully resolved.

I am making everything new! -Revelation 21:5


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It’s up to you to make your website new. 🙂


  • Which of these benefits stands out most to you?
  • Are you planning your next website redesign? If so, when?
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