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Top Websites Challenge - gift card giveaway
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Every month we do a friendly little competition called the “Top Websites Challenge” where members score points for doing things to improve their Christian websites, and we give away $140 of gift cards to those members who score the most points.

This month we decided to change up the scoring a little bit to award points in new ways:

  • Email: If you have our email services, you now get 300, 600 or 1,000 points depending on how many email accounts you have.
  • WP-EZ Training: When you complete the WP-EZ Training Center training, you now get 1,000 points.
  • SSL: We no longer give points for having an SSL certificate since that is no longer a separate service but now included with every hosting package.
  • Website Award/Review: Previously, when you requested a free website review (which also nominates our website for the Best Christian/Church Websites Award), you would get 100 points for each of the 10 items passed for a max of 1,000 points.  Now you get 200 points per item plus a 2,000 point bonus for passing all 10 items for a max of 4,000 points. We did this because we would love to see EVERY website reviewed and pass all 10 items, so now you’ve got an extra incentive.

Finally, if you’re looking for another way to score some big points and increase your chances of winning a gift card, submit a written or video testimonial about how OurChurch.Com has helped your church, ministry or business live out its mission online.

For more details, check out the Top Websites Challenge Rules and FAQs.


Small wins lead to big victories. –Unknown

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Challenge yourself to make one improvement to your website each week!  Celebrate the wins! And before you know it, your website will be a winner!

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