Will There Be Life After Easter?

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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If you work or volunteer in church communications, this is one of your busiest weeks of the year.

Lots of extra hours are going into getting info out about Easter events, providing resources so the people of your church can invite others, and helping people to reflect on the events of Holy Week and experience God.

It may be tempting to think, “The end is near! Easter is almost hear! I can see the finish line!”

But Easter has never been about endings, has it?

The first Easter was a new beginning. Every Easter since has been a celebration of the new life we have in Christ.

So, while its understandable that maybe a part of us can’t wait until Easter is over, we don’t want to be unprepared for what happens after Easter.

There will be new life in people who commit their lives to Christ for the first time on Easter. There will be new life in people who have wandered and come home to God on Easter. There will be people come to an Easter service and wonder, “Can I really find new life in Christ? I want to know more.”

We get the opportunity to help cultivate that new life!

So, here are…

4 things to help cultivate the new life God creates this Easter

1) Create a follow-up plan. How are you going to follow up with people who visit your church for the first time? Who make a first-time commitment to Christ? Who recommit their life to Christ?

2) Create a communication card. Hopefully you already have something people can fill out to request more information, request prayer or let you know when they have taken a major step of faith. I list the communication card second because it should be designed after you’ve created your follow-up plan, to ask for the info you need to follow-up effectively.

3) Create a plan for pics and stories. Sharing the gospel is primarily about telling God’s story, not just the story of what He did 2,000 years ago but what he is doing in your church and in the lives of the people who make up your church today. Take pictures of your Holy Week events. Take video. Ask people to text or email what God does in their lives this week. With permission, share these pics, videos and stories on your church website and social media to give God the glory.

4) Create “Next Steps.”  As God stirs people’s hearts, they will want to know, “Where do I go from here?”  Communicate with people what their next step if they are a first time visitor, a new believer or recommitting their life to Christ.  Include them on your website, in your follow-up plan, in your weekly email newsletter.

Easter is all about new life. What’s your church’s plan to cultivate the new life God creates this Easter?


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  • What are your post-Easter plans and ideas?

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