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Why You Need a Web Team and How to Create One

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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video-21Continuing our series on educating consumers on the web design process, in this video, I talk about creating a web team. Why do I need one and how to create one?

You can read the full transcript at: Creating a Web Team. Why do I need one and how to create one?

What is a web team?

A web team is a group of people that is responsible for the website. They’re going to be the people that make the decisions and maintain the website. It can be as small as two or three people, but it needs to be more than one individual.

Why do you need a web team?

Having more than one person spreads out the workload. It gives added wisdom and authority to decisions that are made. It also enables more than one person to manage the website which is especially important when people are sick, busy, out of town or leave the organization.

How to create a web team and who should be on it?

Find people who are passionate about seeing your organization succeed. Involve people from different parts of the organization, so  the team represents a variety of interests for that organization. Finding people with good communication skills, who write well and understand websites helps too.

Set expectations about the web team’s authority.

It’s very important to make sure that the web team has the authority to make decisions without having to go to someone outside the web team. You don’t want the concern of a web team’s decisions to be second-guessed or reversed by someone outside the team because they don’t like the decision that the web team has made. I found that it’s very important to get people that are fairly high within the organization’s decision making process, so that they feel comfortable in the decisions that were made on the website.

Those are all very important questions to ask or things to think about when you go into the process of making a website.

What do you think?

  • How important do you think it is to have more than one person responsible for an organization’s website?
  • Are there other benefits to having a web team?
  • What other advice would you give to someone creating a web team?

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    • I just read another article talking about how the majority of people are surfing the web on mobile devices whilst watching TV. We definately need to go responsive. Thanks for this useful post!

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