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Why the Best Ideas Don’t Always Win

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Do you remember Betamax, ReplayTV or the RealAudio Player?

If not, it’s understandable.

Betamax lost out to VHS VCRs, Replay TV was blown away by Tivo, and the RealAudio Player faded into obscurity with the rise of Windows Media Player, iTunes and generic MP3 players.

At one time all three were considered “best in class” and yet all three now lie in the dust bin of history.

So, why are we talking about these long forgotten concepts?   Because…

You  have a great idea and you don’t want it to join them in the dust bin of history.

As I’ve said before, I believe God has a purpose for every person.  That means you were made for a mission!

God has placed a great idea in your heart.  Maybe it’s for a different kind of church, maybe it’s for a ministry that addresses an issue that isn’t being addressed, maybe it’s for a better product or service, maybe its message that God is calling you to get out through music or a book.

Last week in the The Shocking Truth About Why the World is in Ruins we talked about the number one reason ideas don’t come to fruition – because the person with the idea never acts on it.

The number two reason the best ideas don’t always win is because people believe the myth that the best ideas always win.

Lots of people launch their idea – they start a business, write a book, start a band, plant a church, start a ministry – and then sit back and wait for it to take off.  They think their idea is so amazing that the shear awesomeness of it will be obvious to everyone and it will spontaneously grow and expand.  It will dramatically impact everyone who experiences it. Those people will tell their friends.  It will dramatically impact their friends, who will then tell their friends and so on.

This almost never happens.

Ideas themselves aren’t worth much—it’s the people behind the ideas that matter, and how committed they are to executing their vision. -Ilya Pozin

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Are you committed to bringing your vision to life?  If you are, do you have a strategy you are confident will bring your vision a reality?  Are you executing that strategy well?

Having no strategy, a bad strategy, or poor execution will all sink a great idea.

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