Why bloggers need to publish their blogs on Google Currents now

Written by Sigbjorn

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google currentsGoogle currents is a social magazine applet from Google that was first published in December 2011. It is has been out there for a while, but if you have a blog there are great chances that you can get a lot of new followers if you keep on reading.

If you download the Google Currents applet to your smartphone or tablet you will probably feel as if there are few blogs and sites added to the engine. As I do a search on Google currents for the keyword “blogging,” I get two blogs showing up. If I type Jesus I get none. If I type Christian I find four blogs. If I type church I find none.

What does this tell me? If you get your blog listed on Google currents for such keywords as these you have lots of potential readers waiting to find you. Some weeks ago I searched using the keyword “blogging” and found Basic Blog Tips. I subscribed (the blog then had 400 subscribers). Now a few weeks later the blog has more than 700 subscribers.

As I noticed this I immediately added my blog to Google currents, but that is when I found out that it isn’t as easy as I thought. At least not for a  new blog with few followers (as of now). To publish your blog you need to visit Google Producer. If you haven’t installed Google Chrome yet, you need to do so to visit the mentioned site. On Google producer you fill in all information needed and your site will soon be accessible on Google currents.

The challenge – your first 200 subscribers

Anyone can add their blog to Google Currents, but to get listed so that users worldwide will find your blog as they do a search in Google Currents you need to have 200 subscribers. I have seen some exceptions to the rule lately (for example a site was listed with only 80 subscribers), but that is the exception to the rule.

As you register your blog in Google Producer you will get a link to where you have to send your readers. As they go to that address they can subscribe to your blog. This is where the challenge is located. If you have a blog with thousands of readers and a newsletter you can easily reach out to them and ask them to subscribe to your blog on Google Currents at the given address and within a day or two you have reached your 200 subscribers.

For new blogs this is a great challenge and so also for my blog about Business and Faith. Yet this information is too good to keep to myself, so I hereby encourage you all to go for it, get your 200 followers and get visible on Google Currents. I believe it will bring lots of new followers within short time to your blog!

What do you think of Google Currents?  If you have a blog, are you publishing to Google Currents or considering it?

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    The author, Sigbjorn Heier, is the webmaster of, a blog about blogging, SEO, leadership, business and lifting up the name of Jesus wherever we are, also in the business and blogging world.


    • Wow…sounds like a lot of work! LOL! But maybe worth it? Will be eager to hear what comes of it for you over time. 🙂 Maybe you will be an exception to the rule, too. 🙂

      • It for sure means a lot of work, and if you do not have a large group of followers it is almost impossible. But, if someone is able to really get that start and get the amount of followers, it will for sure bring hundreds and maybe thousands of others in not to long time!

    • Wow, Google Current is launched in 2011 and I haven't yet heard about it, thanks for sharing this information.
      I am looking forward to get my blog listed on google currents.

    • Hi Sigbjorn

      Thanks for this great article !

      Google Currents will really be helpful to bloggers like us. I will definitely try it !


    • Sounds like a challenge to get this large amount of followers especailly for a new blog. Then again if things weren't a challenge would it be interesting to do anything. Will definitely give Google trends a try and see how it goes, I am trying aggressively to drive traffic to my blog.

    • Hey Sigbjorn Heier, awesome content. This is strong confirmed guidance that performs. According to me writing a blog is a great way to develop the strong lengthy lasting connection with the clients as well as with other blog writers too.