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Who are the Christian communications, tech, web, social media thought leaders you listen to?

thought leadersThe Internet is a dynamic place.  There are always new, innovative thought leaders coming onto the scene adding their unique insight and perspective, developing new tribes, leading new initiatives.  The areas of church communications, ministry & technology, Internet and social media – which we discuss here – are no different.

I love to connect with new people, share new ideas, and introduce others to people I know who they may share some common interests. So, I curious…

Who are the Christian communications/tech/web/social media thought leaders you are listening to and engaging with these days?

There are dozens, if not hundreds of great people who I listen to. I don’t have room to list them all and I would leave some out even if I tried.  So, here are 8 blogs/bloggers I find insightful.  Let me introduce you to them…

Who is inspiring you, challenging you, providing you with new innovative ideas?

Who would you like to introduce other readers here to?

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Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


  • I would highly suggest adding Phil Cooke ( | @philcooke) to any list of Christian media thought leaders. I do not know Phil, I have never met Phil, but I am very glad I recently discovered him. His insights are timely and helpful, and you will learn much from his experience.

    • Thanks Chris! Good suggestion. I heard Phil speak a few years ago at the Cultivate conference in Chicago and he's been on one of my Twitter lists ever since.

  • I highly recommend Paul Clifford (@PaulAlanClif) founder of Trinity Digital Media ( He has been part of his church's tech ministry from the 200 attendees to 3500+. Paul has written a few books on Podcasting, Twitter and using other technologies in church, and is now live streaming broadcast on a variety of tech ministry topics.

    • Thanks Stacey. Good recommendation. Paul has some excellent e-books, and I subscribe to his email list too.

      • They're all paperback, too, but thanks a ton. That's two more people giving me courage to keep going. I just need to keep these in mind when the business side is hard, which right now is always. 😉

        • You're welcome Paul. For what it's worth, I figured out not too long ago that while we were connecting with a lot of people through our blog and social media, we were not connecting with many clients or prospective clients. I found our blog posts were helping do-it-yourselfers, which is good for the body of Christ but not so much for business. We had to rethink our content strategy a bit in an effort to help both do-it-yourselfers and those who need professional help with their web design, hosting and SEO.

  • Happy to be on this list! the #chsocm community has truly grown into a community over the past near-two years and I never cease to marvel at who shows up to contribute. I follow and pay attention to all but two people on your list and will add those I've neglected, so thanks for that!

    I also pay attention to David Hansen (@Rev_David) is an ELCA pastor who has cracked the code for using social media for reaching out to remote/rural congregations and congregants. He's especially savvy about how to use Facebook to build community.

    Josh Burns (@jburno), director of web & social media at Park Church in Chicago has set up a Social Media in Church community on Google Plus that I've recently discovered and am watching develop.

    And although you've asked for Christian thought leaders, I have to say that I'm educated and inspired by 95% of what shows up on/from Social Media Today. I simply drop in the corresponding church role or situation for whatever secular challenge is being discussed.

    • Thanks Meredith. One of the things I realized in my G+ Hangout with DJ Chuang is that while I follow lots of pastors & church communications directors in social media and read their blogs, I had a hard time naming churches that do social media well, because I don't observe or engage with their churches. David and Josh are two people who I want to not engage with personally, but also with their churches (& Steve Fogg's church as well).

    • Sure thing, John. Keep on rockin' it! Got anyone you would recommend? People who are challenging, inspiring or teaching you?

  • Jason Moore at MidnightOilProductions has been my mentor from afar (and occasionally in-person) for over a decade. He and Len Wilson really pioneered visual media in the church.


    • Thanks Eric! Great suggestions. Shaun is a great example of someone who is not really a tech/comm guy but has done an exceptional job using blogging and social media to advance his ministry as well as Compassion.

  • Looking at this again has me thinking about how we've become (allowed ourselves to get?) siloed by denomination.

    I work ecumenically and see how there are emerging experts within denominations that little, if any, clue of others doing the same/similar work with social media to build church and enhance faith. What do we miss or lose as a result? What would be gain — way beyond tech/social media communications — if we actively sought to bridge those gaps?

    Worth remember this part of our Creed: "We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church…" Amen?

    • Amen, Meredith!

      You make an interesting point that I would never have thought of. Perhaps it depends on how strongly connected a person is to their denomination. Personally, I have no idea what denomination any of the people I mentioned in the blog post are a part of (I assume you are a part of the same denomination as the church your husband leads, but even that is just a guess which I haven't spent much time thinking about 🙂

      • Nope! Not a member of the denomination of the denomination in which my husband was ordained. He's a canon on a bishop's staff so he doesn't have a congregation but does do "supply" almost every Sunday. I have occasionally attended when he presides and preaches. Dan is truly gifted by God in those forms of service.

        To make matters more interesting, I'm currently worshipping with a church community that is not part of my denomination. I'm sure none of this comes as a surprise to you, my bro in XC.

  • Many new people are coming in the sectors of. Christian communications, tech, web, social media thought. I really appreciate that as the promote new innovative and moral value. Thanks for sharing the list of blogs.

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