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What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting? - church web hosting
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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what is web hosting?Continuing our series of video blog posts on Web Hosting FAQs, in this video I answer one of the most fundamental questions – what is web hosting?

The short, non-technical answer is that web hosting is space on a computer (or web server) that is connected to the Internet and designed to display (or serve) web pages when requested by a web browser.

The two biggest reasons organizations choose a professional web hosting service provider are reliability and support.

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Reliable Web Hosting 

You could host your website on your own computer or a computer in your office, but your website would go down every time you have a computer, power or Internet problem.  Professional web hosting service providers are usually able to keep your website available nearly 100% of the time because servers are in data centers that are designed to withstand major storms, have a back-up diesel generators, redundant internet connections, 24×7 support staff and a supply of back-up parts and servers. (This is true of our data center.)

Superior Support

The other thing you get with web hosting service, is customer support.  Many free/cheap web hosts outsource their tech support.  At OurChurch.Com all our support is provided by our friendly team of Christians.  Our mission is to help you live out your mission online, so we want to be there for you when you have questions about your website, email or even if you just want to pray with someone. Contact us any time.

If you’re looking for church web hosting or Christian web hosting for your business, ministry or school, we would love to work with you.

Comment and Discuss…

  • What was the most important factor in who you chose for web hosting?
  • When it comes to website hosting, how important is good customer support to you?

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