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What is responsive website design?

What is responsive web design?
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Thinking about building a new website for your church, school, ministry or business or having one built for you by a web developer?

Have you heard the terms “mobile-friendly” and “responsive web design” but are not exactly sure what they mean or if they’re important?

In this Website Design Frequently Asked Questions (Web Design FAQs) video blog, I address the question What is responsive website design? (and why it’s critically important!)

(The article below is a summary of the video, but you’ll get more details and examples if you watch the video.)

What is responsive website design?

Responsive web design is creating a website that responds to or changes with the width of
the visitor’s screen that way the website looks good and functions well regardless of whether the visitor is
visiting on a full HD computer monitor a laptop a tablet or on their phone.

Responsive web design = mobile-friendly

Today, about 50% of website visits are done on mobile devices (tablets & phones) while the other half of visits are done on computers (laptops and desktops). It’s absolutely essential that your website looks good and functions well on all of these devices.

Responsive website design is what makes a modern website mobile-friendly.

Responsive web design = good user experience

When you build a website that is responsive and mobile-friendly, you are giving your visitors a good user experience no mater what kind of device the person is using.

  • They won’t have to pinch, scroll side-to-side or double-tap in to read your web pages.
  • They’ll be able to fill out forms no matter what device they’re using
  • They’ll be able to use the navigation menu no matter which type
    of device they’re on

So, the bottom line is…

When building a new website, make sure it is responsive, mobile-friendly, and it gives a good user experience.

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