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Why do I need a web team? How do I build one?

Web Design FAQ: What is a web team? How do I build one?
Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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Are you a lone wolf running the website for your church, school, ministry or business?

Stop doing it alone!

In this Website Design Frequently Asked Questions (Web Design FAQs) video blog, I address the questions…  What is a web team? Who should be on it? What roles and responsibilities should everyone have?

For those who prefer to read…

What is a web team?

A web team, quite simply, the team of people responsible for building, updating and managing your website. They’re going to be the people that make the decisions about the website and also the people that maintain the website. It can be as small as three people, and certainly should be more than one individual.

Why do I need a web team?

Here are 4 compelling reasons for building a website team:

  1. Staffing Redundancy: If you rely on a single individual to manage your website and they become unavailable due to illness, vacation, or leaving the organization, you risk leaving your website unattended. Having multiple team members ensures continuity.
  2. Shared Workload: “Many hands make light work.” Dividing responsibilities among team members eases the burden on each person, making it easier to build and maintain your website effectively.
  3. More Expertise: Different team members can specialize in various aspects of web development, such as content creation, photography, or technical expertise. This diversity of skills enhances the overall quality of your website.
  4. Multiple Perspectives: A web team can provide a broader range of perspectives, including those of leadership, marketing, customer service, and more. Diverse viewpoints can lead to a more well-rounded and functional website.

Who Should Be on Your Web Team?

Building the right web team starts with identifying key roles:

  • Team Leader: This individual, often your communications or marketing director, takes charge of leading, organizing, and making final decisions for the team.
  • Content Writer: A skilled writer responsible for crafting engaging text for web pages, blog articles, and announcements.
  • Photographer: While this role can be outsourced, having an in-house person with an eye for photography can be a valuable asset.
  • Technical/IT Expert: Responsible for installing website software, managing plugin updates, and addressing technical issues. This role is crucial for a smoothly functioning website. However, if you hire a company to build and manage your website, they can serve as your technical expert.

These four roles form the core of your web team, but you can expand or customize it to suit your organization’s specific needs.

Defining Roles and Responsibilities

Once you’ve established your web team, it’s essential to define their roles, responsibilities, and authority:

  • Content Updates: Clearly define who is responsible for various aspects of website updates, such as main pages, blog articles, photos, and technical updates. Specify how often these tasks should be completed.
  • Design Decision-Making: Identify who has the final say on design-related matters, ensuring that design decisions remain consistent and efficient.
  • Financial Expenditures: Clearly define who can authorize financial expenditures related to website improvements, functionality additions, or SEO services.
  • Points of Contact: Designate a single point of contact for external web development teams or companies. Also, establish an internal point of contact for when ministry teams or groups within your organization want to add announcements or other information to the website.

We hope that this post has been informative and it has provided some good guidance on a web team and the importance of a web team.

There is no i in team but we sure are glad there is u in our volunteers. – Unknown

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