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Want to know what’s next for your SEO in 2020?

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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As we wrap up Strategic Planning month here at OCC, hopefully you have started to think about how SEO will fit into your 2020 strategic plan.

As I wrote previously, if you want your organization to grow, invest in your website and SEO. That’s because most new people will either first hear about your organization through an online search or if they hear about you in some other way, they’ll seek more information online.

So, what’s your plan for SEO in 2020?

  • Fix technical issues that are hindering your search rankings?
  • Improve the on-page optimization of your website?
  • Optimize your local/maps listings?
  • Link building?
  • Blogging?

If you’re not sure, that’s completely understandable.

Before you can plan any journey, you have to know where you currently are.

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The first thing we do when we begin working with a new client is what’s known as an SEO Audit.

What’s included in an SEO Audit?

  • Examination of technical issues that could hinder search rankings (broken links, slow load times, mobile-friendliness, and more)
  • Evaluation of on-page SEO
  • Assessment of current search rankings
  • Assessment of local listings
  • Assessment of links and site authority

These assessments give the organization and clear picture of exactly where they are from an SEO perspective.

Step-by-Step Driving Directions

In addition to these assessments, we also provide list of prioritized recommendations starting with what can be done to have the biggest positive impact on search rankings to increase visitors from search engines. These recommendations are like step-by-step driving directions to take the client from where they are to where they want to go.

If you don’t know where your SEO stands, I encourage you to get (or do your own) SEO audit now. You can have the assessments and recommendations within a week or two, and can then decide which of the recommendations you want to implement as a part of your 2020 strategic plan.

If you’re interested in having OurChurch.Com do an SEO Audit for you, fill out the short form to request a free consultation.

Comment and discuss… do you know where your SEO stands right now? How helpful would an SEO audit be to your 2020 strategic planning?

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