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Use Social Media for Life!

Written by lisadesherlia

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Use social media for life!
Consider a new abortion alternative!
What can that be? What can we come up with?

Use Social Media for Life!
Options in Unplanned Pregnancies

Consider a new abortion alternative? What comes to mind when many women get dreaded news? Unplanned pregnancy news? Fill in the blanks. I wonder how many first think of the two existing options. Adoption and Parenting. It’s tough to raise children if you don’t have certain things. Transportation. Employment. A place of your own. Supportive significant others. You may want children “but not now.” You’re just not ready! Now consider adoption. You’re may know little about it. You know you’re unprepared for parenthood at this time. But place your baby in adoption? You might That feels more like “giving her up”! Adoption is permanent! You can’t get your baby back. It would be too traumatic and painful for you to consider. No wonder so many facing unplanned pregnancies find these options unattractive. One is unrealistic, the other unthinkable.

Use Social Media for Life!
Replace Abortion with Third Alternative?

Considering a new abortion alternative? Yes, lives are on the line! Many who choose abortion felt they “didn’t have a choice.” Right or wrong that was how they saw it. Yes, we have our share of “pro-life victories.” Let’s keep rejoicing about these positives. Let’s keep celebrating the moms and dads who chose life for their babies! Keep praising those who make adoption plans for their selfless choice to put their babies first. Adoption is a loving option! We need to celebrate those who choose to keep their children. Single parenting or early marriage aren’t easy! Let’s keep rejoicing in these pro-life victories. Yet daily, abortion continues to kill thousands of babies! Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) outnumber abortion clinics. Pro-life politicians are doing more to enact pro-life legislation. What more do we need? How do we make a dent in the abortion holocaust?

Use Social Media for Life!
Two-Year Foster Care

We know about temporary foster care. Parents in dysfunctional homes have this option if they straighten out their lives. Why isn’t this widely available to those facing unplanned pregnancies? Who want children “but not now”? Who aren’t ready to parent yet? Two “either” or life-affirming choices face them. I know adoption and parenting are best for many. But many facing unplanned pregnancies don’t need an “either or” option. They want to parent but not now. They may not be ready. So
why not two-year foster care? This may save many babies from abortion. How? If parents in crisis knew there was a third option they may not feel so desperate. They may be more motivated to choose life, knowing they had more options. Isn’t two-year foster care worth seriously considering?

Use Social Media for Life!
Concerns and Objections

Concerns and objections exist. I understand these. First, the argument is that all children deserve stability. I fully agree! But wouldn’t two-year foster care be morally superior to abortion? It’s two-year foster care to protect the baby. After that time her parents would regain custody of her. If that didn’t work out she’d become available for adoption. Second, some fear this could hurt adoptive families. They ponder the nightmare scene of a birth mom coming back to reclaim her baby. Babies in this program wouldn’t be available for adoption. So this wouldn’t be an issue for these families. I know the stability will probably stay an issue for some. But when lives are on the line, two-year foster care is acceptable. Isn’t it worth it to save even more babies and moms from abortion?

Use Social Media for Life!
We Can Help

How does this work? Let’s seriously consider the idea of two-year foster care. Realize the lives are at stake. Consider that this may reduce abortions that much more. More moms and dads will choose life for their babies! Think of the lives saved. Yes, two-year foster care isn’t perfect. But neither are single parenting or adoption. All these options are based on living in an imperfect, broken world. To make this happen, we need to get the attention of Congress. We need to insist on getting heard. If you can’t appear before Congress to make your case you still can help. You can sign a petition and pass it on to others. Tell Congress to consider a new abortion alternative and legislate it!

Will you do that?

Use Social Media for Life!

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About the author


Lisa DeSherlia is a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mom and a blogger. She advocates for any of those who are voiceless and marginalized: the unborn, those with disabilities, those facing severe religious persecution, and others voiceless people groups or individuals. She has a fairly new self-hosted website call as well as a complementary Facebook page which she has set up as a ministry to the public.
She maintains a site that is specific to preventing an ending abortion. It is called NeverAbortion and she has a Facebook page named after the site: NeverAbortion.


  • Hi Lisa, thanks for writing this post. This is the first I’ve heard about the idea of two year foster care. Your reasoning for it seems good. I believe foster care is managed at the state level, so maybe it be beneficial to try to first get this implemented in a pro-life state where there would likely be more support for it. Then other states could see its effectiveness and implement similar programs.

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