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URGENT: 3 Church Website Design Game-Changers!

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Welcome to March, or as we call it Church Website Design Month!

This month we are doing 3 things that are complete game-changers when it comes to church web design!

1) 60% Off a Custom-Designed Church Website

Have you tried creating your own DIY church website and just couldn’t get it the way you want?

Or does your church need a new website and you prefer to put your site in the hands of professionals so you can stay focused on other ministry responsibilities?

If so, OurChurch.Com’s Custom Express Site is a great option for you. We’ll design and build an amazing, mobile-friendly website for you!

And if you sign up during the month of March, we’ll include these bonuses:

  • SSL Certificate – secure your site and encrypt data sent to and from your website ($10/mo value)
  • Enhanced Online Giving – accept donations online ($100 value)
  • Copywriting – We’ll write up to 15 page of your website for you ($1500)
  • 1 Hour of Monthly Maintenance – We’ll update text, images, audio, or video at your request ($80/mo)

That’s a grand total of $3,760 of bonuses we’re throwing in at no extra cost.

Additionally, with the Custom Express package there’s no up-front fee! You pay just $99/mo with a 2 year commitment and that includes your hosting, we keep WordPress and all your plugins up to date! Plus we include a free redesign every 3 years.

To get this offer, your contract and first payment must be received by March 31.

Additionally, because we want to be able to deliver all of this quickly to those who order, this offer is only available to the first 5 churches that sign up (new Custom Express clients only). If 5 churches move forward today, we’ll have to end the offer to focus on building their sites.

If you’re interested, the first step is to request a free, no-obligation phone consultation.

2) 50% Off WP-EZ 2.0 Theme Customization

If you prefer to build your own website with our WP-EZ Church Website Builder, we have a special opportunity for you. We will customize your WP-EZ 2.0 theme to whatever colors you would like.

This service normally costs $199 but during the month of March, you can get it for just $99!

There are some limits on this offer:

  • It’s only available for WP-EZ 2.0 themes (Blended, Center, Country, Creative, Dragon Drop, Modern, Traditional, and Urban themes). If you are currently using a 1.0 theme, you can switch to a 2.0 theme and then we can customize its colors for you.
  • You must place your order by March 31st
  • To ensure we can deliver this service quickly to those who order it, we’re limiting this offer to the first 10 sites that order.

If you want a customized theme, don’t wait. 10 people could order today and then you’d miss out on this opportunity.

Order your WP-EZ Theme Customization here!

3) Get Our Entire Custom Website Design Process!

Would you like to know how we’ve been designing beautiful, effective church websites for more than 20 years?

We are going to share our entire custom website design process with you.


Because our mission is to help Christian organizations live out their mission online.

Whether you have us builder your website, you build it yourself with our WP-EZ Website Builder, or build your church website somewhere else, by sharing the insight we’ve gained over the last 20 years, we believe we can help your church have a better website.

Eventually we’re going to share the entire process in The Ultimate Guide to Church Website Design

How about we start with a little taste…

Church Website Design Step 1: Start with Why

We start the first phone call with every church we work with by getting to know the church and helping them to define the goals for their website.

It’s important to define your goals first, because your website’s appearance, organization, content and functionality should all be designed to help your church website achieve its goals.

What’s the purpose of your church website?

  • To reach out to people in your community looking for a church?
  • To help the people who are a part of your church to get connected and serve?
  • To help people grow their relationship with God?
  • To share the stories of what God is doing in your congregation with your local community?

It’s ok to have multiple goals for your website – most do, but it’s important to prioritize your goals, because those prioritize will help guide the organization of your pages and your content.

Continue reading about our church website design process:

The first step of web design is to define your goals. Every decision after that takes you one step closer to those goals. –Paul Steinbrueck

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