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Thom Rainer: Many of your websites are terrible

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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country churchLifeWay CEO, Thom Rainer, who spent many years as a church consultant and has authored many books on the subject has authored a blog post published this week on the blog titled…

Seven (Hopefully) Helpful Hints After Seven Months of Visiting Churches

#2 on his list?

2)Many of your websites are terrible. Please make them user friendly. I want to see the worship times clearly on the home page. I want to be able to find the church’s physical address. I want to know what the church believes. I found out a lot more about potluck meals and senior trips than I did doctrine and worship times. Most of the websites were designed for those who knew a lot about the church. 

You tell ’em, Thom!

Yet another reminder that if a church takes the gospel seriously and actually wants people to visit, hear the Word and connect with Christ and his church, it needs to take its website seriously.

It doesn’t have to be flashy. It doesn’t have to have live streaming video of your services. It doesn’t have to have the power to turn water into wine.  It just needs to be pleasant, user friendly and provide the info people want before they visit.

For Thom’s other 6 tips you can read the full article here.


  • How high a priority is having a pleasant, user-friendly website with visitor info for your church?
  • How well is your church’s current site serving visitors?  How do you know?


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