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For the last month Christian Web Trends has been talking about MySpace.  What is it?  Is it safe?  How can it be used for ministry?  But we left the best for last.  There’s one area use for MySpace that stands out in the crowd.  There’s one group of people who can benefit from using MySpace far beyond any other.  Can you guess who it is?


Bands have always gained a following by word of mouth.  When I was in high school I would drive around after school with friends and someone would pop in a tape of a cool new band they had heard open at a concert the weekend before.  If I liked it, I might buy a copy for myself (if I had any money), and then I’d be playing it for other friends until the tape wore out.  Some of them might buy it and listen to it with their other friends, and so on.  It was social networking in the pre-Internet era.

For most people, music is something to share and experience with other people.  The social component of music is undeniable, and MySpace has tapped into this by putting a clear focus on music.

While the typical MySpace profile is designed for personal use, MySpace developed a unique member template specifically for bands and musicians who want to network with people.  The template includes places for bands to list their members, influences, news, tour dates, photos, videos, blogs, and more.

Musical artists have flocked to MySpace and now you are likely to find a profile for just about every band and soloist you’ve ever heard of.  Christian artists of every style and genre can also be found including Chris Tomlin , Toby Mac, Kirk Franklin, Stryper, and Natalie Grant

But MySpace is not just for musicians on major labels.  In fact, MySpace is an even more valuable tool for those independent artists who don’t have the big marketing budgets behind them.  It allows them to easily keep in touch with fans and friends, letting them know about upcoming performances, recording projects, and other information.  It also facilitates the “word-of-mouth” social marketing that occurs when friends tell their friends about the bands they like.

A quick search shows almost 8,000 artists listed in the Christian and Christian Rap genres combined.  I even found a few local artists I know in the Tampa Bay area: Carousol, Keith Roberts, Brian Jones, and Shattered Silence 

If you’re a Christian musician with a MySpace profile post a link and tell us how MySpace has impacted your ministry.  If you’re a Christian musician and you’re not on MySpace, why not?

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    Paul Steinbrueck

    Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


    • I agree…..practacly every teen I know has a spot on Myspace. The more Christian music they can be exposed to the better off they’ll be. Best of Wishes & God Bless…..

    • I totally agree. I have been hearing a lot of negative things on the local news about Myspace and about how some people are using it in sinful ways. I feel that it is our duty as Christians to turn a bad situation into a holly one!! So “YES” the more Christian musicians on Myspace the better!

    • I have also heard lots of negative things about myspace. But honestly there are almost always to sides to every story… For example, the internet is an awesome and powerful tool… when used for the right reasons… But we all know it can also be a cesspool of filth.
      When I was told about myspace, my first thought was about my family’s ministry. Being that we do not have the finances (yet) to promote the way we would like, we’ve gotten a lot of exposure from our myspace page. We were invited back in August to a huge youth explosion in Nashville, TN that was awesome!! We were asked by a radio DJ to send him a copy of our CD which is being played on the radio in Baltimore, MD. We also did a long distance radio interview with him. We just recently received and message from a young man who was inspired by my sons, just by listening to the songs and watching the videos on our page and he went to our online store and purchased a CD (http://cdbaby.com/cd/triblessed)!!!
      One of the best things is to visit someone’s page and to hear your music on their page… that is one of the ultimate compliments!
      So, MySpace has been an excellent way for us to show people from California to the UK how we praise the Lord here in Cincinnati, OH.

      Vince Sr. a.k.a. “Papa Blessed”

    • We are Christians with an audio/video production company in Texas. (…Even though my goal is to move to Florida and do media work at a church there! ANY city in Florida would be great!) But for now, we are in Texas, and MySpace is wonderful. We have our main page here:
      -and when we took 2 teens and put them in the recording studio, we ended up with a ‘band myspace’ page, which is an offshoot of that main StretchProductions page:
      ~We do Christian/church work, but we also do secular work- but we keep it all clean and its a nice, safe place to be!
      ~ Cami ~

    • I created this site originally for our local school and church after a seriouse Myspace scare from some of the kids. I designed the site to educated parents and give the the information and tools to keep their family safe online.
      I hope you find it helpful and pass the link on

      The Parents Edge

      Thanks you for your time,

    • Myspace was actually created for musicians. They developed non-music profiles afterwards.