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The hardest part about building a website and how to make it easy (part 2)

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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Last week, I talked about the hardest part about building a website:  Creating Content

In that article, I gave you two items that you can do/use to make creating content easier:

  1. Create a content map
  2. Set aside 2 hours 3 times per week until the content is done.

Knowing these two things are a great first step.

But I want to give you a sample content map that you can use when you build your next website.

Click here for your free sample content map.

Once you have a content map created, then you need to start writing the content for each page.

However, this is where a lot of people get stuck.  They don’t know how to get started.

So to help you with this, I also want to give you sample content that you can use for specific pages of your website.

Below are 3 sample websites with sample content.

Keep in mind, these are generic and the purpose of them is get you started.

You are welcome to use a lot, little, or none of the sample text.

“Content is king.”  Bill Gates

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What other issues do you deal with in creating content?  Please post your comments and questions below.

Next week, I will address the dreaded task of getting good pictures for your website.

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