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SEO: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

SEO: the gift that keeps on giving
Written by Kurt Steinbrueck

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Most marketing strategies have a finite return. You pay for a certain number clicks or a certain amount of time for an ad to run and that’s it. When the marketing campaign stops, the impact stops, people stop hearing about you.

Search engines are different.

With billions of searches done every day, the search engines are a huge reservoir of people who could be visiting your website. Once you’ve turned that spigot on, it continues to run even if your marketing isn’t.

In this video we discuss the great potential search engines have and how you can start realizing that potential for your website.

SEO includes a lot of things that have lasting impact:

  • Optimization of web pages
  • Getting listed in search engines
  • Creating quality, optimized content
  • Building links

Once these things are done, they continue continue to produce good search rankings and visitors from search engines for months or even years afterwards.

That doesn’t mean you want to do SEO for a few months and quit – SEO does gradually lose its impact over time, and you have competitors who are continuing to improve their SEO – but the lasting impact of SEO sets it apart from other types of marketing.

Search engines are the gift that keeps on giving, because the impact of SEO continues for years.

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  • How does the lasting impact of SEO affect your perception of its value?

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