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The Anatomy of a Church Partnership

OurChurch.Com and United Methodist Church communciations partnership
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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OurChurch.Com and United Methodist Church communciations partnershipLast week OurChurch.Com announced a new partnership with United Methodist Communications, the communications arm of The United Methodist Church.

We’re really excited about this new relationship, and excited that UMCom has found OurChurch.Com and our web design, hosting, and search marketing services worthy of being recommended to United Methodist churches.

I thought I’d give you a “look under the hood” at how United Methodist churches benefit from this partnership.

  1. Special pricing. OurChurch.Com is giving special discounts to UMC churches on our web design, web hosting, and search marketing services.
  2. UMC-specific templates. We’ve created 3 special templates for our NE1 Web Builder that include the UMC logo and slogan.  Of course, UMC churches who build their own site, can chose any of the 200+ templates or have us create a custom header.
  3. UMC News Feed. We’ve also created a special RSS news feed reader module for UMC churches.  UMC churches have the option of placing it on their site.  When they do, it will display the latest United Methodist News Service Headlines.  This is a great way for UMC churches to help their members to stay better informed and better connected with what’s going on globally within the United Methodist Church.
  4. Admin Graphic. We place a graphic linking to the UMCom website in the admin areas of UMC websites as a way of reminding UMC web administrators to check out the other opportunities UMCom makes available to their churches.
  5. A partner you can trust. Last, and I think most important of all, UMC churches get a website services company they can trust.  A lot of web companies come and go every year.  Some web companies that call themselves “Christian” are just a division of a secular company targeting the church niche.  United Methodist Communications has “vetted” us.  They recommend us because not only will our design, hosting, and marketing services help your church, but because we are fellow brothers & sisters in Christ who are there for you when you need us.

If you’re a part of a Methodist church, take a look at what we can do to help you communicate more effectively and reach your community.

If you’re a part of the leadership for another denomination or church network, let’s talk about how OurChurch.Com can help you and your churches.  In addition to the benefits above, we can also develop a partnership that includes donating a portion of all sales to a ministry within (or outside) your organization and a new custom website for your organization.

If you’re Methodist, what do you think of the benefits this partnership gives United Methodist churches?

If you’re not Methodist, does your denomination/church association develop partnerships like this to help churches like yours? Do you wish they did?

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