Teaching is More Effective With Bible Games – 8 Reasons Why

Teachers who use Bible games in their lessons are wise.

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True enough, teaching is not an easy task. Specifically, we deal with the different personalities and learning styles of the students.

Anyone can teach. Unfortunately, not everyone can effectively transfer learning.

However, did you know that Bible games can significantly transform the classroom experience? Let’s discover eight reasons why.

1) A Bible game is an atmosphere setter.

Bible games set the mood in the class.

For instance, Bible puzzles are a good appetizer before jumping into the day’s lesson. Significantly, they capture students’ attention and learning focus.

2) It makes teaching attract active engagement.

True enough, engagement allows students to own what they learn.

For instance, why not try to bring your students to a treasure hunt? It’s best on a sunny day. 

Then, let them collect seven objects. Each object must represent a day in the Creation story.

However, don’t forget to make them reflect on these objects. Also, integrate them into your classroom lessons.

3) It promotes a new way of learning.

Students learn better when the teacher introduces new ways of learning. Do you believe so?

Significantly, a Bible game goes beyond the book. It gives the learner an interactive experience.

4) It promotes cooperation.

Cooperation allows students to learn different skills. These include teamwork, leadership, accountability, time management, and goal setting.

For this, puzzles and races are good suggestions.

5) It promotes independent learning.

Bible games provide opportunities for students to learn on their own.

Riddles are a good recommendation. Here is an example: “From my shoulders upward, I was higher than any of the people. Who am I?” (1 Samuel 9:2)

6) It is challenging.

Bible games are primarily physical. However, some of them come in the form of digital applications. Especially in this modern age, there are a lot of them on the Internet.

Significantly, teachers can integrate Bible gaming apps with classroom lessons. For instance, Heroes 2 is a Bible game featuring biblical characters as heroes.

The characters ask challenging questions about themselves. With this, a player levels up with every correct answer. Also, he gains superpowers.

7) It makes teaching interactive.

When students interact, it is easier to assess whether they are learning or not.

In this digital era, students get a lesser chance to interact with others. Thus, it robs them of developing their social skills.

Fortunately, with Bible games, students connect with other learners. Even more, they can play with friends and family members.

8) It develops character.

Finally, games help develop students’ character. They teach them facts and moral lessons from the Bible.

Hence, the learner develops faith in God. Eventually, it shows in his daily living. As a result, he influences people around him and wins souls for Him.

Nowadays, traditional teaching may no longer work well for learners. As such, teachers who use Bible games in their lessons are wise. 

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