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Taking Back Christmas for Christ

take back christmas for christ
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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take back christmas for christEvery year the tension between the Christian and secular Christmas seems to grow. I’m not talking about the external tension between secularists who want to eliminate Jesus from public schools and public squares, though that is significant and growing as well.

I’m talking about the internal tension many of us face between the busyness of shopping, decorating and and attending holiday parties and the desire for a peacful Advent filled with reflection, awe and wonder at God voluntarily entering our world as a poor, helpless baby.

Communicating Advent

In addition to facing that challenge ourselves  those of us who direct the communications for our churches, schools, ministries and even businesses, have the opportunity to help or hinder those we communicate with. We can communicate things that add to the busyness and distractions of others or we can communicate things that foster peace and reflection.

So, in that spirit let me keep things short and simply suggest 3 ways you can do that.

1) Check out 10 Ideas for Using Social Media in the Epic Battle for Advent

2) Check out the Occupy Advent Facebook page.

3) Beginning Wednesday we’re going to start a very simple series about giving online gifts. We’re not talking about buying stuff online, but rather little things we can do through our websites and social media to serve others during the Christmas season.

Your Suggestions

What ideas and resources are you using to win the battle over anxiety, busyness and consumerism and take back Christmas for Christ?

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