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youre invitedIn celebration of Internet Evangelism Month, this is the fifteenth in a 15-part blog project discussing the book, @stickyJesus: how to live out your faith online.

I remember the excitement around selecting my wedding invitations. Oh! the details. I took great care choosing the invitation design and color; next, it was on to selecting the weight and the texture of the paper- it had to feel just right in my hands; then, on to the sample of fonts-I was in search of a font that was delicate and whimsical; and finally, the wording had to set the tone for an occasion of love, joy, and gratitude. Every invitation that went out carried our hearts’ desire that our guest would accept, and be present for our special day.

In the online world, followers of Christ  have the privilege of sharing the GREATEST  invitation ever!

The possibilities for the Kingdom in the online world are real, they’re here and they’re now. The invitation exists for anyone with access to the Internet. Transformation has started, and you are here to be part of it. ~ @sticky Jesus

The invitation exists…

God the Father has prepared the most exquisite invitation. This invitation is divinely designed and weighted with His glory. The Father’s invitation beautifully presents his beloved son Jesus Christ, and announces a glorious work of redemption done on Calvary’s cross. It is an invitation open to all.
As a follower of Christ, you have already RSVP’d yes! Yes Lord, to your will and to your way.  God makes His appeal through you ambassador of Christ! Go and present the invitation to the wandering hearts online. Go and encourage the wandering hearts to RSVP yes to the King’s invitation.

It is however, a wake –up call promoting you to get intentional about how you spend your time online-connecting, serving, and leading the conversation in such a ways the others will seek to know Christ personally. ~ @sticky Jesus

Wake-up call!

We can no longer passively post and tiptoe tweet; especially, when we can read cries of distress in folks’ statuses. As believers, we do have a purpose for being online- that purpose is to bring the light of Christ that dispels darkness. Personally, I would like to dedicate more time to learn about the people in my online community. As extroverted as I like to think I am, I can still be a  little timid about reaching out to people I don’t know.  Nonetheless, I stand with a willing heart, net in hand, awaiting the Holy Spirit’s unction to go fish.

Tell somebody what I’ve done for you.

Any opportunity to talk about God’s goodness in your life is a great opportunity! So here it goes:

I believe the Lord heard my heart’s cry, and connected me to the @sticky Jesus group blog project. Prior to the @sticky Jesus group blog project, I struggled with my purpose our web-based world.  Thanks to the insight of co-authors Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong, I understand  that part of my problem was a condition called “streaming me”; I had no idea such a condition existed lol! Over the last five weeks, I’ve learned what it means to live out my faith online. I’ve also witnessed God’s presence  in the online world too.  Throughout the @sticky Jesus group blog project, the Holy Spirit was always there sending me love notes and reminding me to trust Him all the way. I will always remember how He lovingly led me to the still waters of this blog project, so I may receive His online plan for me. Truly, He is my shepherd and He gets all the glory!


  1. Can you describe a time when The Holy Spirit was leading you to move and “cast a divine line into your online waters?”
  2. How has your online witness grown or changed as a result of the @sticky Jesus group blog project?
  3. Have you received RSVPs to Christ’s invitation?
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