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Social Media and Your Church Website Builder

Social Media and Your Church Website Builder
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Continuing this month’s theme Church Website BuilderTips and Tools

In this article, we’re going to talk about the importance of social media integration with your church website builder…

First, in the header or footer of every page of your church website, you should have have social media icons that link to your church’s social media profiles.

These linking icons make it possible for people who visit your website to easily click and connect with your church on a social media platform. This takes that relationship the next step. It turns a one-time website visitor into a regular returning visitor.

NOTE: This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because many people are are still not comfortable participating in-person in worship services and other activities. Social media provides a great opportunity to stay connected, encourage one another, and help one another.

Instead of or in addition to traditional Sunday services, many churches are now live streaming their Sunday to Facebook or YouTube. Others are posting pre-recorded messages to Facebook or YouTube. If your church is doing this, don’t just write “Worship with us live on Facebook” on your homepage. Make it easy for your visitors to get to your Facebook page and/or YouTube channel by linking to them.

Second, on every page and post of your church website, you should have social media sharing buttons.

Social media sharing buttons are different from the icons/links to your social profiles. When a website visitor clicks one of these buttons it takes them to a screen where they can share the title and URL of the page to their profile on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site.

This is especially important if your church is posting sermons, blog articles, or devotionals to your website. Hopefully this content is impacting your website visitors to the point where they want to share it with their friends and family online. Social media sharing buttons make this easier to do.

So, today’s church website builder tip:

The best church website builders integrate with social media.

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OurChurch.Com’s WP-EZ Church Website Builder has both of these social media features. All WP-EZ themes have linking social media icons in the header, and by default all pages and blog posts have customizable social media sharing buttons on them.

If you’re already using WP-EZ for your church website, check the social icons in the header of your website. Make sure they correctly link to your social profiles.

If your church needs a new website, build your new church website now with WP-EZ.

Comment and Discuss… Do you have social media icons and social sharing buttons on your church website? Why or why not?

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    • wow!! i am really overwhelmed with this article. I would like to thank for the efforts you have made in writing this post. In my blogging website I’m using powerkit for share buttons. What do you think about this pluging ? Thanks for sharing. Great websites!! 🙂