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Here is a simple way to show gratitude to your staff

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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November is “Thanksgiving Month” at OurChurch.Com.  Throughout the month we are talking about ways that you can show gratitude to others in your online communication.

Often times as a church, we remember to thank the most obvious groups:  new visitors and members.  However, sometimes the most important people we should thank get overlooked.

Who are who are these people who sometimes get forgotten?

Staff and volunteers

There are so many ways that you can thank your staff and volunteers but we want to suggest a way that doesn’t cost you anything and helps your website reflect your true DNA.  Previously, we talked about one way to have a great church website design is to use photos of real people from your organization on your website.  So, when you are taking and gathering pictures for your website, make sure to get some good photos of your staff and volunteers.

3 great places on your website to put photos of your staff and volunteers

  1. Homepage:  If you have a image slider or large static image at the top of your homepage, use a picture with multiple people, including some staff.
  2. Ministry pages: (missions, youth, children’s, women’s, etc) include image(s) of people involved in that ministry and some of the staff/volunteers that run that ministry.
  3. Staff directory:  Include a picture and short bio of all your staff.

There is no i in team but we sure are glad there is u in our volunteers. – Unknown

Thanksgiving ideas, church volunteer appreciation ideas

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Comment and Discuss…

  • Where on your church website are you displaying pictures your staff and volunteers?

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