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Sharing the Love – Don’t Miss This!

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Our family has a Valentine’s Day tradition which we did again last night. We melt some chocolate in a fondue pot, cut up some strawberries, bananas, sometimes a pound cake or pretzels. Then we each take turns…

As we dip an item into the chocolate, we say something we appreciate about one of the other members of our family.

Everyone loves it! And not just because we all love chocolate. 🙂

Like many families, we all seem to have the natural “spiritual gift” of criticism and correction. 😉 We have to be intentional about offering encouragement. And when we do, we realize how much we all appreciate both giving and receiving heart-felt compliments.


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So, in that same spirit, I thought I’d use today’s blog post to encourage 3 organizations that have done a nice job migrating their websites from our old NE1 Website Builder to our new WP-EZ Website Builder. If you’re website is one of these, congrats!

I had lots of great WP-EZ websites to choose from.  If yours isn’t shown below, it doesn’t mean your site isn’t as good. I just couldn’t put hundreds of sites into blog post. 🙂 Anyways, I hope everyone can glean some ideas from these examples.  And – even better – encourage the administrators of these websites by offering some encouragement in a comment.

The Way Baptist Church – Perry, GA

Below is a screenshot of their old site…


And below is a screenshot of their new site, which you can visit here.



Apostles Lutheran Church – Brandon, FL

You can see what their old site looked like below…


And what their new website looks like today below this. You can visit their site here.



Marry Begg Community Clinic – Zambia

Here’s a look at their old site below…


And now their new site below, which you can visit here.


To these organizations, I say… way to go!  Nice redesigned websites!

If you are still using our old NE1 Website Builder, we encourage you to migrate to our WP-EZ Website Builder as soon as possible (Migration FAQs).  If you want to build a new Christian or church website, <~~ click that link.


What do you think of these websites?  Post a comment to encourage these organizations and their web administrators!


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