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How Sermons Can Give Your Church Website Better Search Rankings

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Continuing this month’s theme Church Website Builder Tips and Tools

Posting sermons to your church website has three main benefits:

  1. It helps prospective visitors to better understand what topics and themes are being taught and how your pastor(s) teaches.
  2. It helps members see and/or hear messages when they miss services.
  3. It’s great for SEO.

Number 2 is especially relevant now when many people still are not ready to gather in-person with a church due to COVID-19. If you are not live streaming Sunday services, another option is to record them (audio or video) and post them on your website. Your pastor could even pre-record sermons at his home and post them to the church website on Sunday mornings.

Let’s go into more detail on benefit  number 3…

4 Ways Posting Sermons on Your Website Helps Your Church SEO!

1) Search engines love fresh content.  When you publish a new page each week with that week’s sermon info on it, you are creating at least one fresh piece of content each week.

2) Social shares improve search rankings.  Each sermon is published on its own URL which can then be shared both by the church and by anyone who listens/watches the sermon. The more shares, the better your search rankings.

3) Rank for specific topics and questions.  People use search engines to find answers to all kinds of questions, including spiritual questions.  Why does God allow evil?  What happens after we die?  Was Jesus a real person?  Every sermon preached at your church answers questions like these which people around the world are looking for.

4) Improve rankings for local keywords.  Pastors who are strategic about engaging their congregation in ministry opportunities don’t just make announcements, they preach announcements. What I mean is pastors should be strategic about talking about ministry opportunities in their sermons and relate them to the message.  When you do this, you can improve search rankings for things the people in your local community are looking for like “Vacation Bible School in Springfield” or “Easter Sunrise Service in Springfield” or “Celebrate Recovery in Springfield”

Those are some pretty sweet church SEO benefits, right?

A lot of the big corporate website builders don’t have sermon managers built into them.  Therefore, today’s church website builder tip is:

Make sure your church website builder has a sermon manager.

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OurChurch.Com’s WP-EZ Church Website Builder uses the built in blogging functionality for its sermon manager. If you want to take your sermons to the next level, organizing and categorizing sermon audio, video, notes and graphics, check out our premium EZ Sermon Manager.

If you’re interested in having us design and build a new website for your church, click to read more or complete the form below to request a free phone consultation.

Comment and discuss… Are you posting sermons to your church website? If you are, what benefits have you experienced? If not, why not?

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