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Self Promotion Hurts Everyone

Self Promotion Hurts Everyone
Written by Chris Fluitt

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Self Promotion Hurts Everyone

Have you ever walked onto a used car lot?

How long did it take before you had a salesman in your ear? Not long right? Does anyone ever believe what that used car salesman says? Don’t we all have that feeling that they would say anything to get you to sign your name on a document…

Self promoting used car salesmen have made us all wary of the car lot… Self promoting social media users could have the same effect in a digital world.

The internet is in danger of becoming one giant used car lot…

Social Media is a different market place. Many people have made the mistake of thinking it’s like any other medium. So they launch a site, start a twitter and Facebook account, and begin posting videos on youtube…  They try to promote their product the way they would on any other medium… they shamelessly self promote… hello used car salesman.

Self promotion hurts everyone!

What happened to MySpace? They were the top Social Media platform from 2006-2008 until they were overtaken by Facebook. Why did they lose to Facebook? Was is it the power of the Facebook poke?

Sure, Facebook brought some innovation, but the real battle was lost over self promotion. Myspace was all about promoting yourself and getting more “friends.”  (Wait isn’t this how a lot of people are (mis)using Twitter…) Facebook is about connectivity, sharing information, and conversation.  Today Facebook is still the king and myspace is a footnote.



If your website, blog, twitter, tumblr, Google+, youtube, stumble upon… whatever platform you can name… is about self promotion it will probably fail.

If you’re twitter feed is only about you and your thoughts, you are self promoting. If you only tell people about your product and your blog you are self promoting.  Why should we follow you if you only talk about yourself…?


When an internet traveler finds your blog what will they find?  Will they find the meaningful information they are looking for, or will they find a commercial for your product?

You have a product that you need to sell. I understand that, and so does your audience, but if the only reason to be on your blog site is to purchase your product… why would anyone ever return?

You are hurting your audience when you don’t share ideas, information and your personal perspective alongside that product you want to sell.



You have a voice and a medium that can amplify a message. Your influence could help A LOT of people. Perhaps there is a ministry out there doing great things that needs more support. You could direct others to support that cause. Maybe you know of a business that is running a special deal, you could blast that information to all your Twitter Followers. You know of a great conversation happening on someone else’s blog… why not share that information!?

I have a friend who started a blog about his automobile restoration passion. He was blogging for months with very few readers and was frustrated. He sought out professional marketing help for his blog and they gave him life changing advice!  Here it is… “Go find other popular blogs and support them. Join the community. Read and comment on every blog in your niche.”

My buddy reluctantly followed this counter intuitive advice. It took some time, but it worked. One of the leading blogs took notice of my friend’s consistent insightful comments. That leading blog wrote a short post recommending his readers checkout this new young blog.  My friend went from 7 followers to 315 in a day. That’s the power of promoting  community.


Avoid the temptation to promote yourself.  Instead…

  • Promote Information
  • Promote Sharing
  • Promote Conversation
  • Promote Community


What are your experiences with Shameless Self Promotion?

How can tell others about our product without coming off like Used Car Salesmen?

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About the author

Chris Fluitt

Chris Fluitt is a worship leader, songwriter, musician, and Social Media Buff. His passion is the everyday ministry that takes place in the local Church!
Check out his blog at and follow him on Twitter.


  • Chris, thanks for the post. I would add… "Promote your cause" Every business, church, non-profit exists for a reason. Instead of promoting you or your organization, rally people around the reason you exist & what you're trying to bring about.

  • That is so true! Such a Jesus message straight from the Sermon on the Mount! I detest self- promotion and often have struggled so with the whole concept of it. I have often felt "self-promotion" challenged when I have been at ministry events and observed other ministries hand out business cards and self-promoting. You confirmed an idea I have had for a long time. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  • This form of marketing is one of the most damaging in my understanding too, because it somehow depreciates rather than gives value.

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