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Selecting a website theme that is consistent with your church’s brand

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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Branding, what is it?  Technically, branding is the use of marketing to increase awareness of an organization.

Often, when we think of branding, we think of large companies who run commercials on TV or advertise on billboards.  Great masters of branding ads are organizations like Nike, Target, Apple, and Geico.

These companies have countless ads that don’t promote any one particular product or service but are meant to promote everything about their brand.

So how does a company like Pepsi and their paying $5+ million for a 30 second ad in the commercial relate to a church’s website design?

Since branding includes all things that promote your organization, your website’s design (theme) plays a big role in promoting your church’s brand.

And whether you are creating a video to promote next months’ woman’s ministry event, a banner for your upcoming Easter services, or building a new website, you want to be consistent in your brand.

Below are two simple rules to follow when selecting a theme for your church’s website:

1) Choose a design that is consistent with the DNA and branding of the church.  For example, if your church is contemporary and uses a lot of video in it’s services and other marketing, you should probably chose a website theme that allows for you to have a video prominent on your homepage.  However, if your church is very traditional, you may want a design that isn’t too flashy and will make those in your community feel welcome.

2) Select a design that has the colors of your logo.  For example, if your church logo is purple and gold, select a website theme that has purple, gold, or complimentary colors… don’t select a design that has primary colors of blue and green.

These two principles are pretty basic but are often overlooked when churches are building a website.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand Paul Rand

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Do you have any suggestions of how to keep your brand consistent when selecting a design for your website?  Post your comments and questions below.

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