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Responsive Design: What Is It and Why It Is Important?

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responsive web designOver the last few years a buzz phrase has been circling the world of web design like a shiver of sharks around a bucket of chum.  The phrase is Responsive Design.

Responsive Design is a term used to describe a website that has a design that recognizes the type of device (computer, phone, tablet) being used to view the website and displays a design that is best for that kind of device.

Is having a website with a Responsive Design important?  In a word, YES!  And below are the primary reasons that your website needs to be responsive:

Usability:  When someone visits your website, do you want them to have a good experience or would you rather them be frustrated?  If your website is NOT responsive, users will likely find that the text is too small, the formatting is all messed up, and they can’t navigate around your site.

Search Rankings:  The search engines are also paying close attention to whether websites are responsive or not.  Whether your website is mobile friendly will impact the mobile search results of your website.  In fact, Google Webmaster Tools is now emailing webmasters with subject lines “Fix mobile usability issues found on…” to warn them of the issues their website has if it is not mobile friendly.

Have you received feedback from visitors or the search engines about your website not being mobile friendly?  Please comment below.

Check back next week for more crucial information about the importance of a Responsive Design!

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  • Thank you for this information. With so many people accessing the web from devices. It is very important to have your content view-able on the clients platform.

  • While a good web design doesn't necessarily need fancy graphics its also worth noting that poor graphics are detrimental to the performance of your website. While graphics act as aids to the visual messages they also add to the look and feel of the website. So what you don't know much about photoshop… there are countless graphic designers ready to wow you at affordable rates all you need to do is to put some effort in to it.

    • Nick, you are correct. You want to graphics on your site to help support and convey your overall message. Graphics that either take the focal point or are so poor that they distract from your message are not good.

  • Being in development industry we would like to say – making a website responsive isn't a difficult task. There are only some line of codes that need to be added in CSS style sheet. Yes, you also need to test your websites on every screen resolution possible.
    For second part of the article – Web usage on mobile devices have increased drastically in past years, people prefer to browse web on their smart devices these days, and that is one of the major reason why you need to optimize your website for mobile resolutions giving them better user experience, making them responsive.

  • Hello Mark,

    Excellent post! Thanks for sharing useful information. The primary reasons mentioned here are great help for designers to make an effective responsive website design. Good job.

  • Thanks for informative share! Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.

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