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The best way to achieve quality traffic and visibility from Facebook, is to change the way we approach social media as a whole. Sending out countless posts that have very unpersonalized messages tend to get passed up and tend to generate little or no interaction from your followers.

Make it Personal

When  thinking of your target audience, we need to understand why they are on Facebook in the first place. Typically, it has nothing to do with business and everything to do with personal communication on a personal level. So although you are there to talk about certain aspects of your business, people that follow you want to know more about you and what kind of things you experience that they can relate to in their own lives. If you ever run into “social media writers block”, always remember, everyone loves fun posts that include dogs, cats or babies!

Try and Get Shares

If your posts are good enough, people will want to share your content, that means, free marketing! Even the biggest companies spend countless hours trying to figure out how to get you to share their posts, the reason being is, they know that people are more likely to show interest in a product or service when it is suggested by someone they know or trust.

Make it Eye Catching

In today’s fast paced digital landscape, our human minds have a very short attention span. When scrolling through multiple messages while searching for something engaging, the average person decides whether or not to click on your link in less than 2 seconds before moving on. This however will change over time after you build up an audience that trusts your posting skills and will soon click on everything you post because they know they’re sure to read something useful or entertaining.

Shorter is Better

Studies have indicated that engagement increased as posts got shorter. The highest activity came from posts that were from 0 to 70 characters in length. This is a good opportunity to use nothing more than a picture or a YouTube video where people have to click through to your webpage to view the actual post.

Be Consistent

According to to data from AgoraPulse who track social trends, the highest engaging posts all had these four characteristics in common:

  • They target an audience with a strong passion
  • They publish good content focused on their target audience
  • They publish consistently (at least once a day)
  • They get a lot of shares

Don’t Try Too Hard

With all these things in mind, remember, just be yourself and the followers will come. Start out by making sure your friends and family become fans of your page to give you a small foundation build off of. Don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes. If five of your posts receive no interaction and one does, that one post should give you an idea as to how to format your posts going forward.

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Happy Posting!

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