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Pros & Cons of Maintaining Your Own Website vs Having a Developer Do It

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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will I be able to maintain my website myselfToday we continue our series of vidoes & blog posts about the web development process. One of the most common questions we receive is, “Will I be able to maintain the website myself?”

So, in this video we look at the pros and cons of maintaining your own website vs having a developer do it.

You can read the full transcript at: Will I be able to maintain the website myself? 

The decision to maintain your own website vs have a developer maintain it for you is a big decision that needs to be made before you build your website or hire a web developer, because the type of website that is built is going to impact the way it is maintained.

Empowerment Philosophy

Our philosophy is one of empowering organizations to update their own websites.  We believe this saves money and enables organizations to get new information up on their website more quickly.  In order for most organizations to be able to maintain their own website, there are two critical factors:

1) Web-Based Admin

If you use a desktop program to build and maintain your website, everyone who edits the website must have it installed on their computer.  This usually limits the number of administrators (often to 1), which creates a bottleneck as well as issues when that individual is busy, unavailable or leaves the organization.

With a web-based admin tool like you get with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or our NE1 Web Builder, there’s no software to install. Admin responsibilities can be delegated to lots of people.  Those admins can update the site at any time from anywhere.

2) Simplicity & Support

Having a web-based admin is great, but it’s only as good as it is easy to use.  If it’s extremely complex and not easy to use, many organizations will get stuck.  It’s important to…

  • Research the platform you’re considering ahead of time.  How do other people rate its usability?
  • Find out if training and tutorials are available
  • Find out what kind of support will be provided by the developer if you need help understanding how to maintain your website


  • Do you maintain your website yourself or have a developer do it for you?  What was the reasoning behind your decision?
  • Is your website updated via desktop program or web-based admin? Why did you go that route?

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    Mark Steinbrueck

    Mark Steinbrueck is President and Co-founder of OurChurch.Com. He is a member of Generations Christian Church, a husband and father of 3. He is a huge Cardinals baseball fan and bleeds Garnet and Gold.


    • I agree with all your points about the value of do-it-yourself, for anyone who can manage it.

      I'm a new blogger, but I decided to build my website myself, even though my computer skills are limited and include NO ability to write code.

      I've become a WordPress student – and fan. The process was time-consuming up front, but now I have full control over all my material and its delivery. Plus I've learned how to be a better blogger by having a better understanding of how websites work.

        • WordPress is the biggest blogging platform in the world. It's used by everyone from amateurs (me) to pros. The best place to start learning about it is Michael Hyatt's video blog "How to Launch a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog in 20 Minutes or Less" at http://michaelhyatt.com/ez-wordpress-setup.html. After that, I recommend WPBeginner.com for all kinds of tips and tricks.

          • WPbeginner is surely a great place for beginners after they have launched a blog… Another great source is http://startbloggingonline.com – There's also a tutorial on how to install wordpress manually (which is quite handy in some cases).

            Anyhow, it was a great video, loved it 🙂

    • I think website maintenance is pretty tough job and balancing it properly is always brings benefits to website owners. Therefore letting professionals deal with developing process is the better choice from my point of view. Anyways thanks mate for specifying pros and cons of maintaining own website nicely.

    • Smart Passive Income & WPbeginner are both a wealth of resources for beginners AFTER they have launched their blog…

      Another source I used BEFORE I started my blog was http://www.onblastblog.com – There's also an in-depth tutorial on how to set up a blog with WordPress in minutes. Matt was so helpful!

      Anyway, I loved your article Mark, Thanks for sharing.

      – Rachel Castro