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Prepare Ye Church SEO for Christmas

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Continuing our theme this month of Strategic Planning for Christmas and 2021… previously Mark wrote about planning and preparing Christmas content for your website, so in this article we’re going to discuss planning and preparing your church SEO so that people in your community who search for Christmas events can find out about the things your church is doing.

Everything you need to know is summed up in the article How to Get Your Church Website to Rank for “Christmas Eve Services near me”

To summarize the steps involved…

1) Create, claim & verify your Google My Business listing (step-by-step instructions)

2) Make sure your Google My Business listing includes your website address

3) Add info about Christmas events and Christmas Eve services to the text of your homepage.

Notice that I said TEXT of your homepage. While graphics with event info are great for human visitors, search engines can’t read graphics. So, if you put a graphic promoting Christmas events on your homepage, make sure you also include that info in text on the page.

You can wait until after Thanksgiving to do this, but we recommend getting that info on your website before the first Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Now is the time for your church to prepare for Christmas.

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Comment and discuss… where is your church in the planning and preparing its website and SEO for Christmas?

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