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OurChurch.Com is Now the Preferred Website Design Provider for United Methodist Churches

OurChurch.Com - United Methodist Church
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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OurChurch.Com - United Methodist ChurchFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Trinity, FL September 28, 2010 – OurChurch.Com, a leading provider of custom web design, hosting, and marketing services to Christian organizations, announces a new partnership with United Methodist Communications.  The goal of this partnership is to better serve the churches and other ministries of The United Methodist Church (UMC) through more effective communication, special pricing, and exclusive technology initiatives.

“OurChurch.Com’s is very excited about partnering with United Methodist Communications,” said Mark Steinbrueck, President of OurChurch.Com, “Because the services we offer are specifically designed for Christian churches and ministries, we can help more UMC congregations obtain their goals through their website and other online media.”

Tech Shop, a ministry of United Methodist Communications that provides discounts and recommendations of products and services beneficial to UMC congregations and ministries will be spreading the word of the partnership through their website, electronic announcements, conferences, and more.

Additionally, over the next month, OurChurch.Com will be publishing a series of feature articles about TechShop and United Methodist Communications. “The UMC is a technology leader,” said Paul Steinbrueck, CEO of OurChurch.Com.  “They have a great online presence themselves using websites, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, and they are helping United Methodist congregations to use the Internet more effectively.  We want to bring attention to what they’re doing and inspire other denominations and church associations help their churches in similar ways.”

For more details about the partnership with United Methodist Communications, OurChurch.Com has put together a web page:

About OurChurch.Com, Inc.

OurChurch.Com was founded in 1996 and today is the leading “one stop shop” for Christian website services providing an extensive array of website hosting, design, search engine marketing, and advertising services.  It serves more than 14,000 Christian churches, schools, ministries, businesses, and families, and continues to grow and develop innovative new services, while staying true to its mission, vision, and core values.

About United Methodist Communications
As the communications agency for The United Methodist Church, United Methodist Communications seeks to increase awareness and visibility of the denomination in communities and nations around the globe. United Methodist Communications also offers services, tools, products and resources for communications ministry.

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Edit (10/12): We were originally told by UMCom that was “the Preferred Website Design Provider for United Methodist Churches.” Since this press release was issued, it was clarified that our partnership is non-exclusive and “United Methodist Communications highly recommends OurChurch.Com’s web design and marketing services to United Methodist churches.”

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