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October 25 is Social Media Sunday #SMS2015

Social Media Sunday
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Social Media SundaySocial Media Sunday is global event organized for the purpose of increasing the use of social media in churches.

The first Social Media Sunday was organized in 2013 by Carolyn Clement at Trinity Episcopal Church in Tariffville, CT. It expanded to multiple churches in 2014. Organizers hope this year’s event engages even more people and more churches.

Why Social Media Sunday?

This initiative was developed to:

  • encourage social media use by and within churches not yet using social networking platforms
  • boost social media participation within churches already using social networking platforms, and
  • demonstrate the power of social media to be and do church within – and beyond – the building as well as in between times of gathering for formal worship

Social Media Sunday Resources

A Facebook group has been created where church communications leaders have gathered to share ideas, ask questions, and post resources.

Once in the group, clicking the “Files” tab will display a list of resources that can be used to help you organize some Social Media Sunday activities in your church.

My View

Just this week I was asking someone who is a part of my own church if they use Facebook. The person’s response was, “No, I don’t have time for that.” Unfortunately, that means the two of us will probably only interact once or twice a week. It means this person missed out on the pictures and stories our team in Haiti was sharing each day.

Social media has the potential to help us connect throughout the week with the other people who are a part of our church. It enables us to share what God is doing outside the walls of the church. It facilitates new friendships, encouraging people when their down, sharing ideas and more.

Social Media Sunday is an opportunity to people more people see the possibilities and the opportunities social media provides in the digital age.


  • What do you think of Social Media Sunday?
  • Will you and your church be participating? If so, how?

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