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Now that the busyness of Easter has passed, it is time to…

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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The Lent and Easter season has passed.

For most churches, it is one of the two busiest seasons of the year.  No staff is taking time off and everyone is maxed out.

Now that this season is over and you have had a couple of weeks to recover, it is time to get back to the basics.

And for your website, spring is the time to review and purge the website of all old and outdated information.

Below are 3 things you should look for and remove when doing spring cleaning on your website:

  • Images, graphics, and videos promoting events that have already occurred
  • Links to registration for past events
  • Images of people who no longer attend your church

But spring cleaning is not only for purging but for adding and changing information:

  • Change graphics to spring-related graphics
  • Make sure that all summer activities are in the calendar with all relevant information
  • Add online registration for any upcoming summer activities

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”  –  Leo Tolstoy

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 What other areas do you do “spring cleaning” on your website?  Please post your comments below.

And if your website is beyond the help of spring cleaning and you want to discuss a new website, please contact me here.

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