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November 2016: 5 Things You Need to Know

tisa orange children theme
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Today is the last day of November, which means we’re wrapping up Church Marketing Month. In addition to trying to help you better understand how church marketing and specifically church SEO can help your church reach people in your community and grow, we also have a bunch of other things we want to make sure you don’t miss…

1) Migrate to WP-EZ to prevent hacking. A dozen sites that use our old NE1 website builder were hacked earlier this month. If you’re still using NE1, please migrate to our new WP-EZ website builder ASAP. Here are the details.

2) Check help desk tickets in MyOCC. We recently improved the “My Support Tickets” feature in MyOCC. Now you can check the status of all your help desk tickets on one screen. Login to MyOCC and take a look.

3) Anti-spam blog comment plugin added. If you built your website with WP-EZ and use the blogging feature, you’ll be happy to know, we added a new plugin to help combat comment spam. We’d love to get your feedback on this. If you use a WP-EZ blog, let us know if you’ve been getting any comment spam in the last 4 weeks.

4) 84 New Tisa & Children Themes. Continuing our monthly plan, this month we added 7 new color variations of the Tisa theme. We also added a new version of every theme that includes an image slider featuring images of children. (Screenshot of the Tisa Orange Childre theme below.) These themes are perfect for schools and children’s ministries. This brings us to 280 WP-EZ themes, 10x the number we had as recently as July! To switch themes and use any of the new Tisa or children themes, use the Switch Theme option on your WP-EZ Dashboard. Login to MyOCC -> Website Builder -> WP-EZ Admin

tisa orange children theme

5) Best Christian/Church Websites. We are still giving the Best Church Websites Award and Best Christian Websites Award to websites that pass a simple 10 point checklist. Nominate your site today!

Yep, November was another busy month here at OurChurch.Com, doing all we can to help you live out your mission online. 🙂

The real cost of online marketing is NOT doing online marketing. -Kurt Steinbrueck


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