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New, Easy Way to Update Google Maps

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Google has made it easier than ever to update your Google My Business listing by making it possible to edit your listing directly in the Google search results.

Your Google My Business listing contains the info Google shows in Google Maps and also on the right side of the page when someone searches specifically for your organization.  And despite the name, it’s not just for businesses; churches, schools and nonprofits also use Google My Business to get their location and other info into Google Maps.

Previously, to update your Google My Business info, you had to go to and use the Google My Business dashboard.  You can still do it that way if you like.

Now, when you search for your organization in Google, you’ll see something like this:


Why did Google add this feature?

Accurate GMB Info Benefits Everyone

A lot of organizations (especially churches) still haven’t claimed their Google My Business listing or updated it with accurate information.  Many have the wrong address, phone number, web address or operating hours.

Obviously, it’s beneficial to your organization to check your GMB listing and update it regularly.  It’s also pretty important for the people looking for info about your organization.  It’s also important to Google that people using its search engine get accurate info.

Not many organizations make a point logging into the GMB dashboard on a regular basis.  By putting the editing features right in the search results, people will be reminded to edit their info when they see it, and it also makes the editing process much easier.

One thing to note, for the editing features to appear in the search results, you do have to be logged into the Google account which was used to create the Google My Business listing.

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