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NE1 Usage Fee Coming in March

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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In the 8+ months since we launched our new WP-EZ Website Builder and the migration tool, about half of users of our old NE1 website builder have migrated to WP-EZ.

If you’re one of those who migrated – congrats!

You traded in your old site that looked dated and was not mobile-friendly for a brand new, modern, mobile-friendly site for n additional cost. That’s a great trade!

For those of you still using NE1, I once again want to strongly encourage you to migrate.

We’ve explained a number of times Why Our NE1 Website Builder Has to Go:

  1. It Requires Obsolete Software
  2. It is Not Secure
  3. We Cannot Update It
  4. It is Not Mobile Friendly

We told you in November how the security issues with NE1 led to a dozen sites that were hacked.

Since then more NE1 sites have been hacked. This is leading to some major problems:

  • The organizations whose sites have been hacked experienced downtime
  • Our staff has to spend extra time restoring sites from backup
  • Some hacked sites have been used to send spam, which puts our servers at risk of being blacklisted and puts all users (even those who have migrated) at risk for having their email blocked.

We understand that everyone is busy and that some NE1 users don’t want to migrate, but it’s not fair to everyone else to have their websites and email at risk and not fair to our staff to have to work extra restoring sites.

We considered setting a hard deadline to migrate. But we know from past experience, we would still end up with lots of users not migrating by the deadline. Then we would have to migrate and activate those sites ourselves, some people would be upset to find their website migrated for them, and as a result that just didn’t seem like the best solution.

NE1 Usage Fees Start in March

Instead, beginning in March we are going to implement an NE1 usage fee of $5/mo for any website still using NE1. We will use the usage fee to cover the added expense it takes to support NE1 sites, restore hacked sites, and deal with spam issues.

If you are still using NE1, this keeps the decision to migrate and the timing in your hands. Don’t want to migrate. No problem, just pay the NE1 Usage Fee. Don’t want to pay the fee? No problem, migrate your site.

We have more info about migrating your website on the WP-EZ Migration FAQs page.

And if you’re prefer our team migrate your site for you, we can do that for $99. Call, email or chat with our support team to get that started.

What People Are Saying about the WP-EZ Website Builder

Although I usually don’t like change, I believe the change from NE1 to WP-EZ is the best change for our website. Although I am having to learn new and different thing in WP-EZ, I find it much easier to navigate and update than NE1 was. I am happy for this change. – Laren Whaley, Pastor, Harvest of Praise Church of God, Rochester, NH

I wanted to let you know that we’ve gone live with our website and… This WP-EZ website looks *FANTASTIC* on my cell phone too! It is much better than the NE1 any day! -Dennis Primm,

Migration was great!…. went smoothly. The video tutorials are very informative & helpful, you guys must have put in many, many hours into the migration process. -Ed Jacquin,

Just wanted to say we made the switch and everything is wonderful. How in the world did you make it even easier than NE1? -Pastor O.,,

It’s feedback like this that gives us confidence that once you migrate, you (and your visitors) are really going to love WP_EZ.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. -Socrates

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