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Managing Your Social Media Initiatives

managing social media
Written by Jonathan Keener

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managing social mediaMost people will say the best part of social marketing is that it is free. What you soon find out is that your time is not free, and that is the biggest effort you put into social media. Typical complaints about social media marketing are “we do LinkedIn, we do Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and some other one” “We don’t get many likes or follows.”

It is true that part of the overall marketing strategy via social channels is brand awareness, but you should still be able to come up with a way to track your overall ROI when it comes to any of your marketing efforts.

Focus on one Post

Connecting all of your accounts together so that you don’t have to go to each one and put the same post in is basically just filling up the social sphere with content. Start with 1 post on Facebook and create an offer that will get people to respond. That could be a free trial, product or service for your followers. This does two things. First, it gets people interested in the offer and their followers may see it. Second, you can see exactly how many people engaged and divide that into the time spend putting up the post.

Different Posts for Different Outlets

People that spend the majority of the day on Twitter don’t have the same interests necessarily as people that are on Facebook. Before you post on Twitter, understand will make people want to re-tweet the post to the rest of the world. This usually differs between audiences.

Show Passion

When you educated and passionate about a topic, is much easier to write about it and the content is becomes much more genuine.

Ultimately with the mobile tools available these days, it doesn’t take much to get a post out.

How are you managing and tracking the impact of your social media?

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