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Does Your Website Need Some TLC? It’s “Love Your Website” Month

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Forget it and you could end up in the doghouse with your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend.

But your significant other is not the only one who desires a little TLC.

So does your website.

Remember her – your first online love?

Generally speaking, websites are not considered new and sexy anymore. Younger platforms have moved into the online communications neighborhood – blogs, discussion groups, social media. There’s the hot new eye-candy – Instagram and Pintrest – which are the talk of the town these days.

But your website is your homebase, the cornerstone of your online presence. Neglect it, and all of your communications lose effectiveness.

So this month our theme at OurChurch.Com is…

Love Your Website

During this month we will…

Blog about little things you can do to give your website a little TLC and spice things up. See Monday’s post Is your website an offender? for 5 “offensive” problems to look for on your website.

Share the systems and habits that provide the foundation for a strong, lasting online presence. Ask any couple with a strong marriage what their secret is, and they will probably tell you it’s something they are intentional about doing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The same is true of a successful website. We’ll share that insight with you later this month.

Discuss website challenges and advice in our Facebook group. Just as it’s helpful to discuss matters of the heart with friends, so too it can be helpful to discuss website matters. Join our Facebook group, talk about the challenges you’re experiencing with your website and share your insight with others in our community who are facing challenges.

Take the Love Your Website Survey. Your feedback and ideas are key in helping us understand how we can best help you, where we can improve and add services, what topics we can blog about to help others.

And of course, if you are looking for a website you can love, you can build a new website with our NE1 Web Builder or talk with us about custom designed website.

So how’s your relationship with your website these days?  Where is it strong? Where does it need some attention?

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