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Less Clutter, Less Noise – The Group Blog Project

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Less Clutter, Less Noise by Kem MeyerWhen I read Kem Meyer‘s book Less Clutter, Less Noise a couple months ago, so many of the topics addressed in it resonated with me I knew I had to organize a group blog project to discuss it.

With the rise of broadband, smart phones, and social networks, the world has become increasingly noisy and cluttered.  Many of us, in our efforts to keep up with technology and keep people informed, have ended up creating more clutter and more noise for the people we serve.

If we’re going to communicate effectively with people in this always on, distracted, multi-tasking world, we need to understand the people we’re communicating with and adjust our communications strategies accordingly.

I learned a lot by reading Less Clutter, Less Noise on my own, but I’m really looking forward to learning from a lot of very smart, experienced communicators as we go through the book and discuss it chapter by chapter.  Here’s the schedule…


Date Chapter Blogger/Blog Twitter
Wed 1/12 1 Ed Cyzewski @edcyzewski
Fri 1/14 2 Brian Beatty @brianbeatty
Mon 1/17 3 Rick Phillips @rickphillips
Wed 1/19 4 Amber Hill @msamberuh
Fri 1/21 5 Thomas Irby @overcommunicate
Mon 1/24 6 Kenny Jahng @godvertiser
Wed 1/26 7 Jeff Christian @jeffchristian
Fri 1/28 8 Steven Fogg @stevefogg
Mon 1/31 9 Gabe Taviano @GabeTaviano
Wed 2/2 10 Adam Hann @adamhann
Fri 2/4 11 Lee Ann Berthiaume @leeannnvc
Mon 2/7 12 Russell Martin @rgmmusic
Wed 2/9 13 Sarah Holbrook @sarahfholbrook
Fri 2/11 14 Jennifer Armitage @outreachgeek
Mon 2/14 15 Lisa Hamilton @lisavictoria
Wed 2/16 Wrap Paul Steinbrueck @PaulSteinbrueck


Big thanks to the 14 bloggers who have stepped up to blog about and lead the discussion for a chapter.  We have one spot available after a blogger had to withdraw due to injury (Didn’t know blogging was such a dangerous sport, did you?) Edit 1/11: So, first to comment saying they want chapter 9 is in. Thanks to Gabe Taviano for stepping up to take the guest blogging spot that was open.

While the opportunity to guest blog and lead discussion was limited to 15 people, anyone can participate in this group blog project in several other ways.

  • Get a copy of Less Clutter, Less Noise, read along with us.  (There’s a Kindle edition or one day shipping available from Amazon)
  • Join the discussion on each chapter by reading and posting comments.
  • Blog about what you’re learning on your own blog (post a comment here with a link to your blog post, so others can read/comment on it)
  • Share links to each chapter’s post on Facebook, Twitter, & social bookmarking sites.

So let’s kick this off with a couple of questions…


  1. Where are you seeing more clutter and more noise in your own communications or those you receive from others? What effect have you seen it have?
  2. What are you hoping to gain from participating in this project?
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Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


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