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Less Clutter Less Noise: 13) Find the YES behind the NO

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Written by Sarah Holbrook

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change clockThey say only constant in life is change. I remember when I was first married, I had to get used to someone else leaving his dirty socks around the house. I didn’t mind my dirty socks on the floor, but seeing his socks littering the floor was a completely different proposition.

In chapter 13 of Less Clutter. Less Noise., Kem  shares some simple communication tools for finding the “yes” behind the “no” when navigating change in an organization:.

  • Current reality: Use practical examples and stories to describe the situation.
  • Solution: Introduce one item of change and a timeline for the next couple of steps. Transitions will go so much smoother when everyone knows when and where the change is happening. Keep it simple. Allow room for questions. There is a chance you may have missed something.
  • Benefits: Don’t take anything away without giving something back.

Our communications team used this checklist to help the missions committee with a recent change that happened at our church.  We usually have a spring festival to raise money for outreach and missions.  This festival was a tradition for many years and was near and dear to many people as a fun family gathering. However, it was hard to find volunteers to staff it, so the missions committee decided to try something new this year. In order to clearly communicate this change, we wrote a letter to the congregation, announced the change to staff, and then communicated the change to our congregation in our weekly email newsletter. Below is the letter:

Dear Friends,

2011 is an exciting year for Cypress UMC and our Missions Committee.  We are looking forward to upcoming outreach opportunities, youth outreach during the summer and helping with the Pumpkin Patch in the fall, in addition we are ever mindful of opportunities that God presents for being in His service.

One great thing we are planning this year is a formal gala designed to celebrate outreach and missions, recognize volunteers, and raise money for the Missions Committee for ongoing and upcoming mission and outreach opportunities.  The gala will take the place of Mayfest.  Through much prayer it is the Mission and Mayfest Committee’s belief that this step is a positive step toward fruitful gain and future outreach for our community.

The date is set for Saturday, May 7, 2001 in the Ministry Activity Center and the time is tentatively set for 6-9pm.

Exciting things planned:

  • Telling the stories of lives impacted through testimonies
  • Guest Speakers
  • Great Food
  • Fellowship with the Congregation and Community
  • Celebrate the many years of Mayfest and service
  • Silent and Live Auctions
  • Prizes for the most creative table decorations
  • Opportunities to share needs in our community
  • Opportunities to become a part of an outreach team
  • Entertainment
  • The cost will be $30.00 per person ($50.00 for couples). While there are still details that will be worked out, please join me in prayer as we move forward to the place where God is calling us.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Dropping Mayfest for a gala has brought about many positive responses with people who are eager to be a part of the new idea. But there are still some negative responses from people who don’t see the reason for the change. Negative responses cannot be avoided, but if you provide a positive framework to communicate the change, it will be a healthy approach for all parties involved. “A heart softened, even in paperwork, is a two-way street…instead of coming at people, come alongside them.” (Meyer)

Questions to consider:

  1. Has your church gone through recent change?  How did it go?
  2. What are some ways your church/organization communicates change?

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    About the author

    Sarah Holbrook

    Sarah Holbrook is the Communications Director for Cypress United Methodist Church (a suburb church in North West Houston). She has been married to Brandon for 14 years and has two boys. She believes whole heartedly that she is a work in progress and is happy to have Jesus mold her, she shares ideas at her blog God Is My Gardener. In her spare time, she loves to teach adult Sunday school, cook, create jewelry and garden.


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