Kicking Off the State of the Blogging Universe Survey and Series

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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blogosphereIt’s been 18 months since the last time we did a blog series about blogging (31 Days to Build a Better Blog). And while I wouldn’t say there have been any earth-shattering changes to rock the blogosphere since then, there have been some significant gradual shifts that have changed the blogging landscape.

  • On the one hand, Facebook and Twitter continue to grow rapidly and the number of people who use social media far exceeds the number of people blogging or even reading blogs.
  • Yet, as more people use social media it provides additional opportunities to share blog posts with them.
  • However, as more and more people share more and more content with each other, it’s become more difficult for bloggers to consistently engaged with people.

So, blogging still on the rise or is it on the decline?

Is blogging still an effective tool for making connections, communicating and marketing?

Before we address those questions, I’d like to help us all get a better idea of the state of the blogosphere by conducting a survey.

Then for the next 4 weeks we’ll tackle topics like why blogging is harder than ever, whether you should start blogging, continue blogging or quit blogging, my top 4 blogging tips, and the best blogging platform. We’ll examine blogging success stories. And we’ll wrap things up by analyzing the survey results on December 21.

Please take 5 minutes and complete this State of the Blogging Universe Survey

Then please share a link to the survey on Facebook and Twitter. The more people that complete the survey, the better the results we’ll all get from it.

To provide a little added incentive, if you share this post on any social network – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, whatever – go ahead and introduce yourself in a comment below and include a link to any website, blog or social media profile you’d like others to know about.

Posts in the State of the Blogging Universe Series (added when published)

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  2. What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Blogs?
  3. 10 Reasons Blogs Fail
  4. Is Blogging Still Worth It?
  5. What’s the Best Blogging Platform?
  6. How to Choose the Best Blog Hosting for Your Blog
  7. The Best Blogging Tips
  8. Blog Tip #1: Focus on Your Passion
  9. Blog Tip #2: Plan for Consistency
  10. Blog Tip #3: Engage with Your Readers
  11. Blog Tip #4: Lead Your Niche
  12. 5 Insights from the State of the Blogging Universe Survey
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