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less clutter less noise by Kem Meyer
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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less clutter less noise by Kem MeyerPeople have changed tremendously in just the last 5 years.  Most of us spend our days connected to the Internet, via laptop or cell phone or both.  The number of messages we process every day has grown exponentially.  It’s changed the way we process information, the way we think.  As a result, everyone who communicates or leads anything, needs to adjust to this new reality.

This is the context in which Kem Meyer writes Less Clutter, Less Noise, a book filled with insight into how to communicate effectively with the people in your church and your community.  Kem’s wisdom is derived from years of experience as communications director at Granger Community Church and in the corporate world.

After reading it myself, I think Less Clutter, Less Noise should be required reading for every pastor, church communications director, and ministry team leader.  Additionally, many of the lessons are transferable to communicating in a business or educational setting.

Group Blog Project

Less  Cutter, Less Noise is so chalked full of insight, that we’re going to blog about and discuss each of the 15 chapters here at Christian Web Trends.  To make the experience richer and more insightful for everyone, I’m looking for 15 people who would like to blog through Less Clutter, Less Noise with me.

We did this with Christ Brogan’s book Trust Agents last year and it really enabled the participants to discuss the topics more in depth and learn from one another.  So, here are the details:

  • Monday, January 10, I’ll kick things off with a blog post introducing the series.
  • Then every Wednesday, Friday, and Monday after that a different guest blogger will post about a chapter and lead the discussion.
  • I’ve created a sign-up spreadsheet in Google Docs.  Post a comment if you’d like to participate. I’ll share the document with you. You enter your info in the spreadsheet for the day/chapter you want to blog & lead the discussion.
  • You will have to get your own copy of Less Clutter, Less Noise, however…
  • Kem Meyer has generously offered to give away several copies.  So, here’s the deal…

I will draw 3 people from among those who sign-up by noon Eastern Friday, Dec 17, and those 3 will get free copies of Less Clutter, Less Noise.

Big thanks to Steve Fogg who gave me a copy of Less Clutter, Less Noise through his blog.

Post a comment to participate!

Updated 1 PM 12/15: We’ve got bloggers in place for all 15 chapters. Woohoo!  If you’d like to sign-up to be a back-up (in case someone withdraws), I’ve created 3 back-up spots which you can sign-up for. Post a comment & let me know. Otherwise, you can still read along & participate in the discussion.

Updated 4 PM 12/16: Because bloggers have already signed up for all 15 chapters, there was no need to wait until Friday to do the drawing. Congrats to Jennifer Armitage, Rick Phillips, and Amber Hill who have each won a copy of Less Clutter, Less Noise!

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