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Is your church website in rhythm?

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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It’s June and we are in the midst of Summer Rhythms month at OurChurch.Com.

An important part of Summer Rhythms is making sure your church website has a rhythm and doesn’t get off-beat during the summer months.

Making sure your church website design has a good rhythm means putting systems in place so updates are completed on a regular basis.

Below is a list of updates we recommend be completed every week, month, and season:

Weekly Website Updates

  • Add Sermon & sermon notes
  • Add new events or activities to your calendar
  • Remove of any mention of events that have passed

Monthly Website Updates

  • Add/update testimonials if you have a testimonials slider on your homepage or testimonials page on your site
  • Adding pictures from recent events.
  • Do software updates to ensure your website software is secure and up-to-date (more details below)

Seasonal (Quarterly) Website Updates

  • Update the hero image on your homepage or images if you use an image slider
  • Update Bible studies being offered, new ministries that have launched

Annual Website Updates

  • Renew your domain name and your SSL certificate.

These are a list of the regular edits that should be made to the content of your website.  However, there will be other updates that should be done for things like changes of staff, special announcements, change of service times, etc.  If you are making weekly and monthly updates to your site, you can easily add other updates while you are making your regular updates.

It’s helpful to know to make these updates,  however, this knowledge will not benefit you one bit unless you do the updates.

Take Action: schedule these updates on your calendar.  Then protect that time from being taken over by other priorities.

A schedule defends from chaos and whim. – Annie Dillard

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Monthly Software Updates

In addition to making content updates on a regular basis, you should also perform monthly updates to the software that is running your website.  Keeping your software up to date plus having an SSL certificate installed will ensure your website as secure as possible.

If you use WordPress as your web platform, this means updating both the WordPress core software as well as all the plugins installed.  Like software updates on your computer or phone, sometimes the updates can be “glitchy” and cause problems, so be aware that there may be some issues you will need to address after you perform updates.  These issues don’t happen often but when they do, they can be frustrating and time consuming.

Note that when OurChurch.Com builds a website for you, we implement all of these software updates each month as part of your support package.  We even address and fix any glitches that may arise from the updates.  We believe it is important to let you focus on your ministry and not be bogged down with the technical details.  No website provider (Christian or secular) provides better service to their WordPress customers!

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