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Is SEO really that important?

Why is SEO important?
Written by Kurt Steinbrueck

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You’re on a mission. You have a vision which drives you to do certain things in an effort to achieve the goals you have in mind.

One of the things you have done in order to help you achieve your mission is build a website. But now what?

You have this website which was supposed to help you reach the masses, but the masses seem to be amassing somewhere else.

You see, when you build a website, it’s like starting a computer repair business in your basement. There may be people all over town with broken computers, but there you sit in your basement with nothing to do. Unless you get out there and start letting people know about your computer repair business you’ll never do any business. They’d love to have you fix their computers, but they don’t even know your business exists.

There may be thousands and thousands of people looking for what you offer through your website – Christian community (church), Christian education (school), or a product, service or ministry that helps people – but they don’t even know your website exists. This is preventing you from achieving your mission.

Enter SEO (search engine optimization).

In this video we look at why SEO is so very important for every organization that has a website and a vision for what that website could do.

The bottom line:

Why Is SEO Important? Because search engines are what connect people to your website and your organization. -Mark Steinbrueck

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  • Are you doing SEO to improve search rankings, bring more people to your website, and live out your mission online?  Why or why not?

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